Stay ahead of your data

Genomic medicine is here - and it’s moving fast. With advances in sequencing technology, the size and scope of DNA sequencing projects is rapidly moving towards an era where hundreds of thousands of whole genomes and exomes will be sequenced each year. How will you analyze and manage all this genomic data? DNAnexus is the only company that offers a scalable, sharable, secure platform that will keep you ahead of the wave.

How many genomes will you sequence this year?



Your data with DNAnexus

Our platform delivers unlimited scalability, seamless sharing and clinical-grade security to help you turn your data into medical discoveries.

Data with DNAnexus

Flexible Inputs

  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party data and apps (e.g. patient data, LIMS)
  • Upload and store any file type: sequencing technology agnostic

Clinical-grade Security

  • Robust access control (SSO support, OAuth2 support, 2-factor authentication available)
  • Independently audited and certified ISO 27001 compliant
  • Compliant with HIPAA; CLIA; GCP; 21 CFR parts 11, 58, and 493; European Data Privacy laws and regulations

Robust, Customizable Tools

  • Access to built-in standard, open-access tools
  • Add your own analysis tools and share them with collaborators
  • Maintain reproducible and version-controlled data analysis and tools

Unlimited Scalability

  • Virtually unlimited secure, data analysis and storage
  • Support 1000s of nodes and millions of objects with out-of-the-box job and data management
  • Support for optimization of every stage of your analysis

Seamless Sharing

  • All data and tools located in one secure environment
  • Secure access from anywhere in the world
  • Fine-grained control of access and data sharing