DNAnexus for Biopharmaceutical R&D

A secure, cloud-based data management platform that makes it easier to leverage, share, and integrate genomic data with other clinical information.

  • A Platform That Supports Any Biological Data Format

    The DNAnexus platform’s API flexibly supports any data format or Linux-based software. By networking through DNAnexus, biopharmaceutical companies and their partners can securely search for relationships between patient health and genetics in compliance with PHI requirements.

    Biopharmaceutical companies use DNAnexus to connect with health care partners, bringing together patient health and genomic information to drive drug discovery, companion diagnostic development, and clinical trial participant selection.

    In addition to supporting any data format, the platform’s API supports end-to-end integration with LIMS, sequencing instruments, and tertiary analysis and reporting software. DNAnexus provides a global network, connecting pharmaceutical companies with healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinical labs in order to speed the impact of genomics in the clinic.

  • Unite Multi-Site Clinical Trials into a Coherent Whole

    As genomic analyses become integrated into pre-clinical and clinical phases, DNAnexus helps by providing a global network to leverage genomic and clinical data to speed the impact of genomics in clinical outcomes.

    During the discovery process, genomic analyses of disease models and populations can be rapidly integrated from multiple clinical trials. DNAnexus is built on top of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and provides a scalable infrastructure that can instantly meet any computational and data storage demand through a “single pane of glass”. Working within DNAnexus, all data and computational tools are together in one place, eliminating duplication, physical transfer of data and providing reproducible, version-controlled analyses and tools.

    For clinical researchers, the DNAnexus web environment provides a convenient online interface. Beyond rich collaboration features, the DNAnexus platform allows your team to develop new analysis tools and pipelines, either using components already available in the DNAnexus App Library, or by porting your existing apps and pipelines into DNAnexus.

Our Platform

By offering an intuitive and secure cloud-based platform, DNAnexus provides researchers the opportunity to immediately pursue genomic projects of unprecedented scale and scope, confident in the quality and efficiency of analysis, and the security and ease of collaboration.

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and analysis pipelines to the cloud.

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We will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with cost estimates for implementation and production.

DNAnexus uses a flexible pricing model, where you only pay for the resources you use, such as, data transferred or stored, and any computation performed in the cloud. For enterprise clients, pricing is determined based on specific parameters related to implementation and use case.

We are confident that you’ll find that DNAnexus delivers a cost-effective solution superior to your local cluster or do-it-yourself cloud infrastructures.

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Meet the Science Team

Our science team works with you to understand the dynamics of your company and helps you determine what it will take to get you up-and-running on the DNAnexus platform.

With your input, our Science Team will draft a plan defining a customized workflow with specific success criteria. We then help lead the effort to implement this custom plan with the full participation of your technical team.

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