NIH Now Allows for the use of dbGaP & TCGA Data in the Cloud

NIH cites DNAnexus Compliance White Paper in the NIH Security Best Practices for Controlled-Access Data Subject to the NIH Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy (Updated: 09 MAR 2015)

DNAnexus is currently offering a limited number of Complimentary Consultation Sessions with a DNAnexus scientist and $500 credit on the DNAnexus platform.

Learn how you can:

  • Ensure use of the most up to date best practices
  • Keep your data safe and clinically compliant
  • Control your data and collaborator access
  • Lower your compute and storage costs
  • Share your data and tools, and collaborate seamlessly

The DNAnexus platform provides integrated support for multiple investigators and grants, as well as the ability to add hundreds of collaborators to your research.

Get the most out of your dbGaP and TCGA data

Take it to the cloud in a manner consistent with NIH Security Best Practices

There’s no one way to genotype.

The field is constantly evolving, which means you’re constantly doing variant call bake-offs, working with many different tools to assess whether you are getting the correct variants of interest.

How do you manage all of these diverse data & research requirements?

DNAnexus can help.

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Review the latest NIH security best practices and learn how DNAnexus makes working with genomic data easier.