DNAnexus For Diagnostic Test Developers

An enterprise-grade platform to manage your growing diagnostic test portfolio and expand your global reach

  • Grow Your Test Portfolio

    As your clinical lab expands its menu of tests, you need a simple, cost-effective way to handle the computational demands of data processing and the delivery of reports. Our highly configurable command-line interface, open APIs, and SDK can help your team rapidly develop new pipelines or improve existing ones.

    DNAnexus is built on proven cloud technology and provides a scalable infrastructure that automatically ramps up or pares back to meet demand, reducing your technology infrastructure costs and realizing faster turnaround times for your customers.

    With its advanced permissioning, access protocols, and full versioning and audit controls, the DNAnexus platform helps you seamlessly deploy new tests from R&D through production.

  • Expand Your Global Reach

    The DNAnexus platform serves as your command center, supporting multiple sites and enabling you to distribute and monetize your test globally. We work with you to ensure the platform’s framework meets regulatory compliance for the countries where you do business. Security and complex IT issues are no longer barriers for global market expansion.

    DNAnexus facilitates deployment of your genomics-based diagnostic pipeline through a secure cloud platform that supports unlimited storage and computational resources. From now on, the only compute infrastructure you and your partners need is an internet connection.

    From sequence data to test result, DNAnexus allows you to optimize and scale your production pipeline from multiple locations. Your encrypted sequence data is sent from the sequencer to the DNAnexus platform with our automated uploader tool.

    Your pipelines run in a secure environment that is fully under your control, producing clinically compliant test results quickly and reliably.

Our Platform

The DNAnexus platform enables a customized end-to-end solution for research, development, and global deployment of your clinical test.

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and analysis pipelines to the cloud.

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We work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with cost estimates for implementation and production.

DNAnexus uses a flexible pricing model, where you only pay for the compute, storage and data transfer resources you use. DNAnexus also provides per-run options that allow you to create fixed costs for your production pipelines processing clinical testing data. Additional cost adjustments are made based on test volume and how much data and compute each test requires.

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Meet the Science Team

Our science team works with you to understand the dynamics of your institution and helps you determine what it will take to get you up-and-running on the DNAnexus platform.

With your input, our Science Team will draft a plan defining a customized workflow with specific success criteria. We then help lead the effort to implement this custom plan with the full participation of your technical team.

Consult with a scientist