Genome Center

  • Supporting the Diversity of Science

    The DNAnexus API-based platform provides the flexibility needed to address the diverse needs of Genome Centers and their research labs. To meet the needs of each project and its specific requirements, the DNAnexus platform provides integrated support for multiple investigators and grants, as well as the ability to add hundreds of collaborators.

    With DNAnexus, you can quickly scale to the cloud and increase your capacity to manage your current and future processes and workflows.

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  • Gain Control Over Massive Datasets and Complex Pipelines

    DNAnexus is built on proven cloud technology and provides a scalable infrastructure that can meet any computational and data storage demands instantly.

    All your data and computational tools are securely managed in one place, eliminating duplication and the physical transfer of data, while seamlessly integrating multiple research sites. DNAnexus takes care of IT infrastructure management, security, and clinical compliance so you can focus on what matters: your science.

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  • Fine-grained authentication and access controls
  • Reproducible and version-controlled analysis results
  • Security and privacy compliance in accordance with HIPAA, 21 CFR parts 11, 58, and 493
  • Reproducibility and documentation for CLIA compliance
  • Secure control and audit of collaborator access
  • API-based LIMS integration

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and pipelines to the cloud.

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