DNAnexus for Genome Centers

An enterprise-grade platform to support the diverse needs of projects and collaborators found in today's advanced Genome Centers.

  • A Single Platform for a Genome Center’s Diverse Needs

    With DNAnexus, a Genome Center can leverage the well-established benefits of cloud-computing with a system built for genomics. The API-based DNAnexus platform provides Genome Centers with the flexibility to migrate current processes and workflows to the cloud. The DNAnexus platform can adapt to support diverse teams with unique requirements around ever-growing data types, including phenotypic data.

    The DNAnexus platform provides a proven scalable cloud-computing infrastructure that allows Genome Centers to focus on the data and provides the ability to share and collaborate in a controlled environment. Labs of any size can build and run data analysis workflows from anywhere in the world, and work securely and efficiently with global collaborators via data consolidation and uniform analytical treatment.

    In the DNAnexus platform, Genome Centers can maintain control over all user and data activity. Administrators can carve out distinct data views applicable to individual partners, while enabling a central and aggregate view across all partner interactions. Access controls and resource constraints can be applied at the user, organization, and project levels for detailed visibility and control.

    Experienced researchers and bioinformaticians can interact with the platform through a familiar Linux-shell-like command-line tool, which allows for quick integration with your current system. For point-and-click oriented users, the web environment provides a convenient online interface. Beyond these integrated features, the DNAnexus platform also allows you to develop new analysis tools or port over an existing pipeline quickly and efficiently.

    We take care of your IT infrastructure management needs so you can focus on what matters: your science.

  • Manage Massive Genomic Datasets and Complex Pipelines

    The size and scope of DNA sequencing projects is rapidly moving toward an era where the analysis of data from tens of thousands of human genomes is the norm. Upgrading local infrastructure for every big data influx requires substantial investment, space, and IT personnel. The centralized, cloud-based DNAnexus solution offers relief from these challenges by allowing Genome Centers to cost-effectively address infrastructure needs while providing researchers with a flexible platform that enables them to share data and tools. With DNAnexus, Genome Centers can manage massive, IT-intensive projects in a secure and compliant environment.

    DNAnexus is built on top of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and provides a scalable infrastructure that can instantly meet any computational and data storage demand. Additionally, our Information Security Management System, audited to ISO 27001, allows platform users to meet the specifications required from HIPAA, as well as international security and regulatory standards. With data standardization and version-controlled tools, platform users can ensure that the fidelity of their workflows adhere to CLIA reproducibility requirements.

    Because the platform provides a rich API, it can be accessed programmatically through LIMS systems, so that users may easily script it to perform tasks such as enforcing archival and deletion policies, tagging and searching data, generating usage reports, and automating the launch of pipelines. With your data and computational tools in one secure environment, there is no duplication or unnecessary data transfers, making it easy to facilitate reproducible and version-controlled analysis results.

    No project is considered too large, as demonstrated through the CHARGE project, a collaboration between Baylor College of Medicine’s Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC), DNAnexus, and Amazon Web Services that enabled the largest genomic analysis project to have ever taken place in the cloud. We worked with HGSC to deploy their Mercury variant-calling pipeline on the DNAnexus platform to scale up data analysis of more than 14,000 genomes and make the results immediately available to more than 300 researchers globally. This pioneering work yielded advancements in the application of cloud computing to solve large-scale genomic analysis problems and help HGSC reach their goals faster and more cost effectively.

Our Platform

The DNAnexus platform enables a customized, end-to-end solution for DNA-based research and development and supports global scientific collaboration.

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and analysis pipelines to the cloud.

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We work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with cost estimates for implementation and production.

DNAnexus uses a flexible pricing model, where you only pay for the resources you use, such as, data transferred or stored, and any computation performed in the cloud. For enterprise clients, pricing is determined based on specific parameters related to implementation and use case.

We are confident that you’ll find that DNAnexus delivers a cost-effective solution superior to local cluster or do-it-yourself cloud infrastructures.

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Meet the Science Team

Our science team works with you to understand the dynamics of your company and helps you determine what it will take to get you up-and-running on the DNAnexus platform.

With your input, our Science Team will draft a plan defining a customized workflow with specific success criteria. We then help lead the effort to implement this custom plan with the full participation of your technical team.

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