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Large omics datasets are revolutionizing therapeutic target discovery and validation, but turning petabyte-scale datasets into insights remains extremely challenging.

Is your team:

  • Facing pressure to accelerate time-to-insight?
  • Struggling to integrate and explore heterogeneous datasets?
  • Working on data in silos?
  • Concerned about data meeting privacy and security regulations?

Download the whitepaper to learn how DNAnexus Apollo:

  • Solves dataset size & complexity challenges
  • Drives cohort-to-insight analysis
  • Simplifies & strengthens collaboration
  • Safeguards sensitive data & reduces compliance risk

DNAnexus Apollo is a cloud-based informatics environment that enhances pharmaceutical target discovery and drug development pipelines, through collaborative and secure multi-omics data exploration. Learn More


DNAnexus is the trusted partner to Life Science, Healthcare, Government, and Academia in over 48 countries, and serves the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and national research initiatives.

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