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Move your genomic and RNA-seq data to the cloud with confidence.

Multi-omics data are revolutionizing pharmaceutical R&D, but legacy bioinformatics systems are struggling under the size and complexity of the datasets. Download the whitepaper to learn how to identify cost-efficient and scalable solutions that balance your enterprises' immediate needs with its long-term growth.

This Whitepaper Includes:
  • A comprehensive overview of the Build vs Buy debate
  • Worksheet: Is your bioinformatics system optimized for multi-omics data?
  • The lure and limits of doing-it-yourself (DIY) and a checklist if you plan to go down that path
  • What to look for in a partner if considering investing in a comprehensive extensible platform
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DNAnexus Titan is a cloud-based informatics environment that eliminates bioinformatics bottlenecks by bringing data and pipelines together ine one place for streamlined analysis. Learn More.


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