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We love what we do. A lot of other important folks love it too. See what they have to say about us.
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1 Powerful & Purpose-Built Platform

Rapid, Scalable & Secure Data Science

Using genomics in the discovery and development of new medicines and diagnostics requires the ability to manage high volumes of data in a secure, compliant, production-ready environment. DNAnexus provides a platform that facilitates the integration of the genetic data with other data types and enables collaboration globally.

2 A True Global Network

Connecting Pharmaceutical, Medical Centers & Research Partners

Progress in science and medicine accelerates when researchers collaborate around responsibly shared datasets. As the complexity and scale of data increases, collaboration becomes more difficult to manage. DNAnexus enables distributed research teams access to the same data and analysis tools to advance scientific discovery.
3 Move Beyond Genomics

Extract Knowledge from Diverse Data

Insights from genomic data are revealed more often when multiple data types are analyzed together. DNAnexus helps advance medical discovery by bringing genomic, multi-omics, and clinical data securely together on a single scalable platform.
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New Whitepaper! Learn the opportunities and risks of building versus buying an enterprise genomics platform.

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In collaboration with Microsoft, DNAnexus Portals™ forms the foundation of St. Jude Cloud, providing researchers access to the world’s largest public repository of pediatric cancer genomic data to accelerate data mining, analysis, and visualization capabilities.
Read More
Vertebrate Genomes Project leverages DNAnexus Titan™ to achieve their ambitious goal of generating reference quality genome assemblies of all 66,000 extant vertebrate species.
Read More
DNAnexus is proud to power precisionFDA, a community platform for next-generation sequencing assay evaluation and regulatory science exploration.
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We cultivate a culture of constant improvement in science & technology. Our xVantage Group is dedicated to helping you realize your goals.
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"The best thing you can do with DNAnexus is give them a problem to solve."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

"Collaboration is vital to advancing scientific discovery. We are excited to partner with Microsoft and DNAnexus to create infrastructure and tools to share data and accelerate progress toward finding cures for pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases."

President & CEO
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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We can help you achieve your goals. Start the process with a brief scientific consultation to determine how we can help.

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Achieving Insights at Scale

Recent years have seen a proliferation of large-scale genomic sequencing projects, with some targeting participant populations numbering in the millions. As these datasets become available, they offer the opportunity to meaningfully broaden our knowledge of the genomic character of different populations, the genetic nature of life-threatening illnesses, and other critical questions.
But this flood of sequencing data also presents real challenges. Chief among them: how to effectively analyze genomic data at unprecedented scale in combination with phenotypic/clinical data.

Explore & Analyze

Enter DNAnexus Apollo™. Built on the lightning-fast DNAnexus Platform, it empowers researchers to explore and analyze the full complement of genomic data available today from population-scale projects such as UK Biobank. And because it’s built to scale, it can handle even larger datasets as they become available.

Advance your research with the power to:

  • Easily create and analyze custom cohorts, based on shared genetic and phenotypic variants
  • Conduct GWAS, calculate allele frequencies, and more
  • Explore millions of phenotypic variants and billions of genotypes - in seconds
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"DNAnexus Apollo will allow us to collaborate across partner cancer centers and optimize the translation of basic discoveries into practical clinical applications in pursuit of more precise cancer treatments."

Senior Vice President, Chief Informatics Officer
City of Hope

"DNAnexus is an important partner helping us navigate the complexities of integrating genotype and phenotype data to deliver improved insights to our leading R&D teams."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

"DNAnexus offers a secure, scalable solution that allows us to progress towards our ambitious goal of analysing two million genomes to help us better understand the underlying causes of disease."

VP, Personalized Healthcare & Biomarkers

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WHY DNAnexus

Tackle Complex Big Data Challenges

Moving from the initial stages of target identification through clinical development remains a significant challenge. Existing tools are not set up to easily handle the scale and scope of translational research. Siloed data, legacy tools, and dated compliance and collaboration processes can hinder the success of enterprise-scale translational research programs.

Accelerate Your Data Exploration Process

As the complexity and scale of data increases, enterprises require a solution to help diverse teams extract actionable intelligence from big data. DNAnexus Apollo™ empowers biologists to explore thousands of phenotype fields and millions of variants in seconds, and enables bioinformaticians to spend more time on complex analysis and less time data wrangling. With DNAnexus Apollo™, you can unlock the power of large datasets, like the UK Biobank, in as little as two weeks.
  • Combine multi-omics & clinical data to unlock the power of complex datasets
  • Test & generate multiple hypotheses at the speed of thought
  • Explore & analyze complex datasets without the need for coding expertise
  • Break down data silos
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Latest News, Case-Studies, White Papers, Webinars & More.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn about the latest DNAnexus initiatives and gain exclusive access to new tools and product launches.
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Trusted by Experts
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DNAnexus: Trusted by Experts
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This Guide Addresses Vital Guidelines For:
- Keeping test costs predictable and low.
- Improving R&D iteration and production turnaround times.
- Ensuring compliance with ever-changing security regulations.
- Scaling up to handle the demand of increasing genomic data.
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Workflow Development

We are ready to seamlessly migrate your local production pipeline to the cloud or develop novel bioinformatics pipelines on the DNAnexus Platform. From initial assessment to implementation, you’ve got a top-notch partner to help you reach your goals.

View Blog Article
  • Robust & efficient analysis pipelines
  • Optimized for quality, speed & runtime cost
  • Applications expertly qualified for regulatory compliance
  • Unrivaled expertise on a wide range of applications & data types

Data Harmonization

We leverage DNAnexus’ highly scalable infrastructure to present your datasets in a structured form for rapid, interactive analysis with both standard and custom tools. Our flexible framework supports a variety of sources, including EHR records, sequenced genomes, clinical studies, and public databases such as TCGA and ENCODE. The xVantage Group™ works with you to extract and appropriately represent the relevant information from each source, enabling seamless integrative analysis.
View Case Study
  • Harmonize data across multiple studies & lab protocols
  • Analyze & visualize terabyte-scale datasets interactively
  • Easily reproduce, search, & reuse results

DNAnexus Portals™ Customization

Whether you are a genetic testing lab looking to deploy new tests to your customers, or a research consortia providing your community with access to standardized bioinformatics and visualization tools, the xVantage Group can create a customized community space for you.

DNAnexus Portals™ enable users to focus on collaboration, discovery, and innovation, removing the burden of secure data management, distribution and analysis.
View Mosaic Portal
  • Fuel innovation through secure sharing & collaborative analysis
  • Leverage standardized & syndicated data & tools
  • Support consortia through operational management


The xVantage Group helps customers with their medical device submissions, their clinical trial protocols and submissions, managing data collaboration from CROs, their regulated production diagnostics, and other regulated processes that occur on the DNAnexus Platform. Our group can share experiences from customers similar to you to help jump-start your use of the Platform in your regulated space.

  • App & Workflow Qualification for Regulatory Submission
  • Computer System Validation Assistance
  • Quality Audits Assistance
  • Quality Control Methodology Assistance

Genome Assembly

The xVantage Group provides fast, accurate, and cost-efficient reference-quality genome assembly services. As a bioinformatics partner, we will collaborate with you on complex assembly, structural variation analysis, and physical mapping to achieve complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation.
View Webinar
  • Solutions are Fast, Accurate & Cost-efficient
  • Technical Expertise Working with Complex Genomes
  • Easily Incorporate Additional Technologies to Improve Genome Assembly

Customer Training & Onboarding

The xVantage Group will train and mentor your team to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to optimize use of the DNAnexus Platform, meeting your research requirements. Personalized, hands-on training sessions include a general introduction to DNAnexus, how to leverage the platform via the web user interface and the command-line, and how to develop applications and workflows. Training is provided by a DNAnexus Scientist who can share best-practice recommendations and answer complex technical questions specific to your use case.
  • Small group, hands-on training
  • Rapid Onboarding to the DNAnexus Platform
  • Easily Share Data, Run Programs, & Build Workflows with Web UI & Command-line

xVantage Care

A positive and productive customer experience is the primary goal of the xVantage Group™. We provide customer service options to enable and empower customers to utilize their DNAnexus products to their utmost capability. We aim to not only provide high quality customer support, but to also encourage and promote customer success.
  • Expert Experience when you need it
  • Partnership & Consistent Support Through Entire Process
  • Customer Success is Our Priority
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The Platform

Powerful and purpose-built to enable a faster and more efficient journey to discovery.
Complex Data Analysis
Process hundreds of terabytes and beyond.
High-Velocity Computing
Churn through hundreds of thousands of samples and trillions of data points in seconds.
Purpose-Built Infrastructure
Spend more time discovering and less time managing.
Security & Compliance
The industry's only bioinformatics platform granted ATO under FedRAMP moderate.
Demo Infographic

Science First

We care about accelerating discovery as much as you do. We build products that let you focus on what matters most. Science.
Rapidly Configured Solutions
Our products are flexible and configurable to your specific needs, so you can get the most out of your data.

Global Research Network

Simplify team collaboration and readily integrate global collaborators, securely and in compliance with regulatory standards.
Collaboration Fuels Innovation
Connect cross-disciplinary teams and encourage rapid ideation.
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Industry Leading Security & Compliance

The Complete Solution for Multi-Omics & Scientific Data

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1975 W El Camino Real, Suite 204
Mountain View, CA 94040

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Richard Daly
Chief Executive Officer
Richard has three decades of experience in building companies in healthcare and genomics, including 13 years at Baxter Laboratories. Subsequently to Baxter, Richard founded companies in both managed care and laboratory services, and was also the CEO of Visible Genetics (NASDAQ: VGIN), the pioneer in laboratory-based gene sequencing and bioinformatics. Education includes a BS in finance from New York University and an MBA from Harvard University.
George Asimenos, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Part of DNAnexus since its inception, George has been involved in the design and implementation of the DNAnexus product line and its application in key accounts around the world. He currently heads strategic projects, exploring ways in which DNAnexus technology can be used to craft novel experiences that transcend traditional genomics boundaries. George holds a PhD in computer science from Stanford University, where he helped analyze 1% of the human genome as part of the ENCODE Pilot Project. His prior research experience includes comparative metagenomics, silicon compilers for reconfigurable hardware, and elliptic curve cryptanalysis.
Julie Baher
VP, Customer Experience
Julie has over 20 years experience creating experiences to delight customers. At DNAnexus she leads UX, Scientific Engagement, Technical Content Development and the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform. Julie has led design thinking programs and product design teams at Illumina, Adobe, Citrix and Xerox as well as at startups. Julie earned her BA at Wesleyan University in biology and a PhD at Northwestern University in Learning Sciences – an interdisciplinary program of cognitive science, artificial intelligence and education.
Sean Bennett
VP of Sales, Pharmaceuticals
Sean is passionate about the precision medicine revolution and brings more than 20 years experience from across the healthcare business landscape to DNAnexus. He’s played key roles in Pharma (GSK), Medical Device (LifeCell & Intuitive Surgical), and in Clinical Trials Data & Analytics (Flatiron Health, Medidata & ConcertAI). At Medidata, Sean led commercial business development for a Biomarker discovery solution using AI/ML for the identification of patient subgroups earlier in the translational research process. He also brings experience in leading strategic market development in RWE and External Control Arms. Sean is a proud graduate of Howard University, in Washington, DC where he earned a Bachelor of Science.
E. Loren Buhle, Jr. PhD
Vice President, Security, Quality & Compliance
Loren is a seasoned leader with 3+ decades of experience working in the regulated space of life sciences, clinical, and basic research. He brings a unique skillset combination of science, commercial, regulatory, quality, and IT to our team and is responsible for providing leadership in Security, Quality and Compliance for DNAnexus and our customers. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and faculty member at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he created Oncolink and related social media communities. Before joining DNAnexus, Loren was the CISO and VP of Customer Support at Model N.
Dante Corricello
VP and Head of Legal
Dante is responsible for DNAnexus' worldwide legal affairs, including corporate, product, commercial, privacy and intellectual property functions. Prior to DNAnexus, Dante served in a senior leadership position at Gigamon, where he was instrumental in effectuating Gigamon's acquisition by the Elliott Management Corporation. He has over 20 years of international legal experience, including leading support for Cisco System's Web Operations and its Mobility Business Group. Dante holds a BA in Government from Claremont McKenna College and a JD and LLM in International Law from Duke University.
John Ellithorpe, PhD
John has spent his career driving innovative technology to improve people's lives. At DNAnexus, John leads the Product, Engineering, Science, Services, and Support teams. Prior, John was CPO at Vantiq, delivering intelligent systems in the IoT space, and co-founder, CTO, and CPO at Model N (NYSE: MODN) where he led the Global Products group and drove technical strategy. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of California at Irvine and a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Fan Fan, PhD
Chief Product Officer
As Chief Product Officer, Fan is responsible for the vision, strategy, design, and delivery of DNAnexus products. She has deep experience bringing innovative products to market. Prior to DNAnexus, Fan held product leadership and management positions at Adobe and Model N. Fan earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of Science and Technology of China, and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California.
David Fenstermacher, PhD
VP, Precision Medicine & Data Science
David has more than 30 years of research experience as a molecular biologist and bioinformaticist and has held multiple academic and industry positions.  He designed and directed the implementation of numerous bioinformatics and biomedical informatics distributed computing systems for support basic, translational and clinical research, integrating patient-level clinical data, genomics and other ‘omics data to support studies focused on cancer and other human diseases. His recent research has centered on developing informatics infrastructure that promotes FAIR data principles to support precision medicine including clinical decision support, and health outcomes research. Education includes a BS Biology from Bloomsburg University and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Kelly Green
VP, Head of People & Operations
Kelly serves as Vice President and Head of People where she leads efforts in all things "people”. She is responsible for talent acquisition, employee growth and development, building a great culture, and facilitating organizational development. Kelly joined DNAnexus after leading HR at Telenav, another disruptive tech company in Silicon Valley. There, Kelly led the HR transition from venture-backed “start up” through a successful IPO. She holds a Bachelor's in Psychology from Stonehill College.
Laura Kulick
Laura brings two decades of experience in developing and growing the accounting function and teams in high-tech startup companies. Laura comes most recently from Ingenuity Systems where she was the Controller during an acquisition by Qiagen, inc. Prior, Laura worked at companies from the initial startup stages through IPO. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Miami University.
Keith McCartney
VP Security & IT
Keith heads the Security and IT functions at DNAnexus. He is passionate about securely enabling collaborative research with the scale of the cloud. Prior to joining DNAnexus, Keith led the Security & Privacy functions at Zenefits and built the security engineering & operations capabilities for Informatica’s transition to a public cloud. Keith received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.
James McNicholas
Chief Financial Officer
Jim serves as our Chief Financial Officer. Most recently, he was the CFO for Cumulus Networks (sold to NVIDIA). Prior to Cumulus, he held CFO roles at Panasas, VSS Network Monitoring, Solexant Corp, and Nanosolar. He entered the venture capital world after serving as the VP of Finance for 4 divisions of IBM (Hard Disk Drives, Storage Subsystems, Consumer Products Division, and Open System Servers & Software) as well as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. Jim received a BS in Commerce & Engineering from Drexel University and an MBA from Stanford.
Tuan Nguyen
VP xVantage Group
Tuan is passionate about applying technology to advance healthcare. He brings proven experience in building organizations, including services, software development, knowledge engineering, and commercial operations. Prior to joining DNAnexus, Tuan was the VP of Informatics at QIAGEN and held multiple leadership positions at Ingenuity Systems, helping it emerge from stealth startup to become the commercial genomics data analysis leader. Tuan holds a BS from San Francisco State.
Tim O'Brien
Vice President, Sales
Tim brings 20+ years experience in enterprise software sales to DNAnexus. He has built and led sales organizations and managed strategic customer relations within the life science and healthcare industries. At Oracle, Tim led the America's healthcare sales organization for the HSGBU, managed life science and translational research sales teams at ID Business Solutions, and held key bioinformatics sales and sales management positions at InforMax/Life Technologies. Tim holds a BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Tyler Robbins
Vice President, Diagnostics
Tyler is passionate about the advancement of precision medicine and brings over a decade of experience building SaaS companies. He has expertise in leading sales organizations and creating scalable go-to-market focus. After initially helping grow the Oracle ISV business, Tyler has managed key business units at Plutora and Signifyd where he helped grow revenues 3x and 7x respectively. Tyler completed both his undergrad and MBA at Dallas Baptist University, while also earning D1 All-American honors in baseball. He currently lives in Austin, TX with his wife and daughter.
Omar Serang
Chief Cloud Officer
Omar has decades of experience building global operations teams and infrastructures, including cloud computing at Amazon Web Services, social web real-time analysis services at Topsy Labs, and messaging security services at Cloudmark and Critical Path. Prior to joining DNAnexus, he developed the Enterprise I/T Cloud Transformation consulting practice at Amazon Web Services, working with global pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and entertainment companies to drive cloud adoption. Omar received his BS in Chemistry from UC Berkeley.
Mark Swendsen
Chief Revenue Officer
Mark brings two decades of experience leading global sales teams for public companies and private start-ups.  He has expertise in creating go-to-market focus, as well as scaling the revenue engines of emerging tech companies.  Most recently, Mark served as the VP of Sales at Plutora, where he tripled SAAS revenues in under two years. Prior, Mark ran global revenues for Signifyd and led Sales and Business Development at Axcient. His early career was spent at ShoreTel in various roles, including VP of Service Providers and Managing Director for EMEA, where he joined at under $12M in revenue and took the company public as an officer. Mark holds an MA in Education from National University and a BA in English from Santa Clara University.
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Get Actionable Insights from Complex Data Sets - Fast

Webinar 1: Exploring Millions of Clinico-Genomic Data Points from UK Biobank

Webinar 2: Rapid Exploration of Oncology Clinico-Genomic Data from TCGA
Thursday, May 14th
1pm EDT | 10am PDT

LIVE DEMO! Powering Precision Medicine and Targeted Genome-Based Therapies with DNAnexus Titan

Watch an interactive live demo to learn how DNAnexus Titan eliminates bottlenecks in development and production systems with a unified platform that brings data and pipelines together for streamlined analysis.

Dive Deep into Pharma R&D and Security & Compliance

Navigating the Odyssey of Big Genomics in Biopharma R&D
Delivering genomics-based precision medicine.

Security, Privacy & Quality for your Genomic Analysis
All you need to know about compliance in the cloud.

Apollo™ for UK Biobank

Now, pharmaceutical, academic, and medical organizations can start analyzing the UK Biobank dataset in as little as two weeks.
  • Create and analyze custom cohorts in seconds, based on shared genetic and phenotypic variants
  • Conduct GWAS and calculate allele frequencies
  • Accelerate communication between clinician researchers and data scientists
  • Overcome huge computational challenges posed by traditional informatics tools

Take this 3-minute survey and we'll send you "wicked smart" swag!

Your answers help us do a better job of helping you, so we appreciate your time. (*While SWAG lasts)

Let's Get Technical

Learn how we help your organization effortlessly scale, explore and analyze data with ease, and confidently handle security and compliance. Visit the Resource Center for our full library.

Resource Center

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