Sentieon improves upon BWA, GATK, Mutect, and Mutect2 based pipelines.

7-14X Faster
7-14X Faster

DNAseq runtime from aligned BAM to VCF is 7-14x faster than GATK on DNAnexus.

100% Consistent Results
100% Consistent Results

No run-to-run difference. No down-sampling in high coverage regions or thread dependency.

5x to 7x Less Expensive
5x to 7x Less Expensive

DNAseq is 5x cheaper for WES and 7x cheaper for WGS than GATK on DNAnexus.


  • February 6: DNAseq (BWA + GATK) - From FASTQ / BAM to VCF
  • February 6: TNseq (BWA + Mutect or Mutect2) - From FASTQ to VCF
  • February 7: Rapid DNAseq (BWA + GATK) - From FASTQ / BAM to VCF in 1 hour
  • May 8: General Availability
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How It Works

- 1 -
Complete the form to request access to Sentieon pipelines.

You will then receive an email granting you access to Sentieon pipelines.

- 2 -
Create and/or login to your DNAnexus account.

If you don't already have a DNAnexus account, you will be asked to verify your institution.

- 3 -
Open a project and start an analysis.

You will now see available Sentieon tools in your app list. License-free access through May 7th.

Don't Just Take Our Word

PrecisionFDA Consistency Challenge Winner


Top Overall Performance


Highest Reproducibility

PrecisionFDA Truth Challenge Winner


Highest INDEL Precision


Highest SNP Recall

About Sentieon

Sentieon develops and supplies a suite of bioinformatics secondary analysis tools that process genomics data with high computing efficiency, fast turnaround time, exceptional accuracy, and 100% consistency. Current released products include Sentieon DNAseq, a germline DNA pipeline, and Sentieon TNseq, for tumor-normal somatic variant detection.