Sequencing Service Provider

  • A Faster Way to Deliver Sequencing Data & Results

    The sequence data your facility produces is sent to the DNAnexus platform via an automated uploader tool, integrated with your existing LIMS. A single high-bandwidth connection is sufficient to support multiple NGS sequencers running continuously.

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  • Expand Your Service Portfolio

    Move beyond the delivery of sequencing data. The DNAnexus platform adds value to your service by expanding the downstream bioinformatics solutions you can offer clients. No upfront technology investment necessary to get started.

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  • API-based LIMS integration
  • Your specific pipelines in the DNAnexus environment
  • Configurable and scriptable cloud infrastructure
  • Command-line and web browser-based tools
  • Integrated genome and sequence data browser
  • Configurable custom analytics reports

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and pipelines to the cloud.

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