DNAnexus for Sequencing Service Providers

An enterprise-grade data management and delivery system to match your sequencing capacity

  • Deliver Rapidly Expanding Sequencing Data Without Capital Investment

    DNAnexus facilitates the management, analysis, and delivery of genomic data through a secure cloud platform. Eliminate the time and capital expenditures of building out and upgrading your local infrastructure. The DNAnexus platform supports unlimited storage and computational resources. From now on, the only compute infrastructure you need to match the scale of your client’s projects is a network connection.

    Encrypted sequence data can be automatically uploaded to DNAnexus in real-time via a single high-bandwidth connection. Built on top of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, DNAnexus provides a scalable infrastructure that puts all of your data and computational tools in one place, reducing duplication and physical transfer of data. With DNAnexus you can offer clients a secure and compliant environment that seamlessly downloads data. We solve your data sharing and transfer issues so you can focus on what you do best, provide excellent scientific services.

  • Expand Your Service Portfolio, Not Your Infrastructure

    DNAnexus is more than just a delivery system for your sequencing data. Our platform increases the value of your services by expanding the downstream bioinformatics solution you can offer to your clients without upfront investment.

    With DNAnexus, you can offer clients a branded customer experience where they can share data with collaborators globally, transfer ownership of data, or integrate with third-party downstream analysis tools. Whatever your clients’ preferences or needs, DNAnexus can customize an end-to-end solution to fit their specifications.

    In addition, DNAnexus has a robust, audited set of policies, processes, and controls for security and privacy. The DNAnexus platform is organized around internationally accepted ISO 27001 security standards, which provide a comprehensive security, privacy, and compliance framework. Rest assured that your clients’ data is encrypted in-transit and at rest.

Our Platform

The DNAnexus platform facilitates the management, analysis, and delivery of sequencing data and results seamlessly without the need for local compute infrastructure.

Discover how easy it is to migrate your DNA data and analysis pipelines to the cloud.

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We will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with estimates for implementation and production.

DNAnexus uses a flexible pricing model, where you only pay for the resources you use, such as, data transferred or stored and any computation performed in the cloud. For enterprise clients, pricing is determined based on the specific parameters related to implementation and use case.

We are confident that you’ll find that DNAnexus delivers a cost-effective solution superior to your local cluster or do-it-yourself cloud infrastructures.

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Meet the Science Team

Our science team works with you to understand the dynamics of your company and helps you determine what it will take to get you up-and-running on the DNAnexus platform.

With your input, our Science Team will draft a plan defining a customized workflow with specific success criteria. We then help lead the effort to implement this custom plan with the full participation of your technical team.

Consult with a scientist