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Efficient bioinformatics pipelines are critical for molecular diagnostic labs to achieve streamlined next-generation sequencing data analysis, but many companies face challenges to optimize genome informatics.

The most common challenges we hear from the field are:

  • Reimbursement can be slow, creating continuous pressure to reduce testing costs.
  • There is intense market pressure to scale operations quickly and cost effectively.
  • R&D iteration and production turnaround times are too slow.
  • Building systems to be regulatory compliant is an expensive and ever-changing task.
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In this Guide:

Learn how DNAnexus Titan addresses these challenges by:

  • Solving for scale
  • Keeping cost-per-sample low
  • Reducing turnaround & development time
  • Safeguarding patient data & reducing compliance risk
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DNAnexus Titan is a cloud-based informatics environment that brings data and pipelines together in one place for streamlined omics analysis. DNAnexus Titan powers rapid scaling to meet increasing volume demands, grow your test portfolio, and simplify the complexities of secondary genomic analysis infrastructure, allowing your team to focus on what’s important — delivering test results. Learn more.


DNAnexus is the trusted partner to Life Science, Healthcare, Government, and Academia in over 48 countries, and serves the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and national research initiative.

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