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FASTQ to Final Report: An Ultra-Fast Workflow for Comprehensive Genomic Profiling


Speakers: Beate Litzenburger, Ph.D., QIAGEN Digital Insights
Joe Foster, Ph.D., DNAnexus
Ajay Athavale, M.S., QIAGEN Clinical Services



With a single CGP test, we can interrogate hundreds of genes, using less tissue and increasing the probability of detecting actionable findings. Yet, one of the most difficult challenges of implementing CGP in-house is the downstream variant analysis and interpretation.

In this webinar learn how:

  • 1
    DNAnexus and QIAGEN Digital Insights are partnering to address these challenges.
  • 2
    To create, refine, validate, and execute NGS analysis and interpretation pipelines in QCI Interpret—QIAGEN’s clinical decision support software.
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    And more….
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