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Beyond Professional Services: Accelerate Your de Novo Assembly

DNAnexus is your partner for fast, high-quality, and cost-efficient genome assembly services.
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The DNAnexus Difference


Lightning Fast

Receive results in as little as three weeks.


Save time and resources by eliminating complex local compute infrastructure and applications deployment.

Uniquely Tailorable

Incorporate multi-omics data and gold standard bioinformatics tools.

Highly Customizable

Easily use additional technologies to improve assembly including removing duplicated haplotigs, scaffolding with 10X Genomics, BioNano scaffolding, Hi-C scaffolding, and Illumina polishing.

Team of Experts

Leverage a team with expertise in assembling genomes with complex traits, including polyploidy, high heterozygosity, and high repeats.

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Rest assured your data is safe with us. Access the same compliance requirements needed for human genetics research by pharmaceutical R&D, medical research centers, and government organizations.

Featured Projects

The Maize Genome

DNAnexus xVantage Group partnered with multiple agriculture labs to successfully assemble the maize genomes.

Assembling the maize genomes is a complex task due to the high levels of genetic diversity, repetitive elements, and duplicated genomic regions, totaling repeat content of around 66%. As the number one crop in the USA based on amount of produce, it is crucial to understand maize genomics and correlation to phenotype. DNAnexus was chosen to collaborate to perform genome assembly and scaffolding for the maize population, involving 26 cultivars.
  • Total maize genomes assembled: 27 cultivars
  • Highest continuity: NG50 contig = 36 Mbp

Learn more about the assembly of the maize genome.

Vertebrate Genomes Project

DNAnexus Platform powers the VGP. The xVantage Group builds and maintains bioinformatics pipelines necessary for assembly.

Genome 10K’s Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) aims to assemble and analyze the genomes of 70,000 vertebrate species to create a digital Genome Ark library. This genomics information is crucial in conservation efforts to understand the biology and document species that are on the brink of extinction. The DNAnexus Platform eliminates the computational challenges of large-scale genome assembly and enables researchers around the world to collaborate on genome analysis. Members of the DNAnexus xVantage team helped construct and maintain the VGP assembly, phasing, scaffolding, and polishing pipelines on within the DNAnexus environment.
  • Aims to assemble ~70,000 vertebrate species
  • Multi-institutional & multinational collaboration
  • Unprecedented standards for continuity, completeness & accuracy


Ready to take your assemblies to DNAnexus?

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