A Clinical Dx Case Study

Human Longevity Inc’s Whole Genome Sequencing Product for Healthy Individuals
Webinar Overview:

What if your annual medical check was replaced with a precision health assessment, using whole genome sequencing analysis and advanced digital imaging along with blood biomarkers to deliver a complete, personalized picture of your health? That’s the goal of Human Longevity, Inc, (HLI) and its Health Nucleus platform, which analyzes more than 150 gigabytes of each individual’s unique data against HLI’s enormous database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data.

Collecting, storing, and analyzing such large and diverse data is computationally intense. Watch the webinar and hear how HLI leveraged the DNAnexus Titan Platform on AWS to streamline its genomics data infrastructure and outsource sequencing operations, enabling the company to focus on its innovative machine-learning programs and expand its business.


Wayne Delport, PhD – Vice President, Technology & Bioinformatics at Human Longevity, Inc.

In this Webinar Learn how HLI:

  • Created precision health assessments to gain insights from 5,000 healthy clients who received their CAP/CLIA WGS reports
  • Leveraged the secure, collaborative data environment of the DNAnexus Platform to decentralize its operations and broaden its network allowing the collection of genomic tests from almost anywhere
  • Used the DNAnexus Platform to manage everything from data ingestion and analysis, to automated data delivery

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DNAnexus Titan is a cloud-based informatics environment that brings data and pipelines together in one place for streamlined omics analysis. DNAnexus Titan powers rapid scaling to meet increasing volume demands, grow your test portfolio, and simplify the complexities of secondary genomic analysis infrastructure, allowing your team to focus on what’s important — delivering test results. Learn more.

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