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Let us do the heavy lifting for your NGS analysis pipelines.

DNAnexus Titan powers the future of genomics research and clinical pipelines with trusted, high-performance data analysis solutions.

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Solve Infrastructure Challenges to Scale Future Growth

Legacy informatics tools were not designed to manage today's higher volumes of sequencing data. With home-grown, do-it-yourself systems, research centers and clinical diagnostic testing companies are finding it difficult and time-consuming to create, refine, validate, and execute pipelines at scale.

Increase Efficiencies and Decrease Risk

DNAnexus Titan™ removes bottlenecks in development and production with a unified platform that brings all your data and pipelines together in one place and delivers unparalleled efficiencies. Leave the heavy lifting of managing industry and region-specific security and compliance requirements to us, while meeting the growing global demand for sequencing data.

  • Power growth & innovation in genomics research
  • Quickly expand diagnostic testing services & locations
  • Simplify compliance management
  • Create & optimize pipelines with unparalleled efficiencies
  • Reduce complexity of managing IT infrastructure
  • Fuel team collaboration locally or around the world

Product Features


Limitless Growth

Flexibly scale your environment to meet the demand for increased volume with a high-performance NGS analysis platform built to support thousands of nodes and millions of objects. Eliminate delays and accelerate turnaround time with exceptional uptime and powerful compute capacity, including parallelizable execution of data analysis.


Unparalleled Efficiency

Reduce time and effort. Standardize your NGS data analysis with a unified platform that lets you create, refine, validate, and execute pipelines with unprecedented speed. Access favorite bioinformatics tools or develop your own. Extend with Nextflow, CWL, WDL, or dockerized workflows. Automatically track data provenance to ensure reproducibility.


Minimum Complexity

Reduce systems administration effort. Take advantage of Titan's platform-as-a-service solution to handle software deployment, monitoring and operations, and continuous service upgrades. Leverage automatic and streamlined approaches to implement and manage capabilities with significantly less coding and effort.


Industry-Leading Security, Quality, and Compliance

Maximize compliance while managing business risk with a purpose-built platform built to comply with current and future security, quality, and compliance requirements as they evolve over time. Work in compliance with ISO27001, NIST 800 framework, HIPAA, GDPR, GxP/ICH regulations, CAP/CLIA, and more. Comply with data transfer requirements as you sample genomes throughout the world, including regions such as Europe.


Breakthrough Collaboration

Eliminate bottlenecks in data science collaboration at genomics scale. Let team members share data, tools, analyses, and JupyterLab notebooks efficiently with local and global collaborators while controlling access, security, and managing compliance with data sovereignty requirements.


Trusted Partnership

Speed time to value and innovate faster by extending your team with bioinformatics scientists and computational experts from the DNAnexus xVantage Group. Get help migrating, optimizing, and developing new pipelines. Leverage the best of new and emerging techniques. Educate team members on best practices.

"DNAnexus has made it easy for us to remove the costs and technical headaches associated with building a do-it-yourself alternative."

Co-Founder & CTO

"The underlying infrastructure that DNAnexus provides allows us to focus on our core competencies of R&D and patient care, while revolutionizing cancer treatments."

Medical Director
Intermountain Cancer Genomics

"DNAnexus has been at the forefront of scalable informatics for years and has a deep understanding of the challenges labs face when deploying powerful sequencing technology."

Vice President, Chief Data Officer
Regeneron Genetics Center

"With DNAnexus, we've deployed a service that capitalizes on lower costs of WGS to make sure that data are available and actionable worldwide, whether in a research, commercial, or clinical setting."

Head of Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics
Garvan Institute

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