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1 Powerful & Purpose-Built Platform

Rapid, Scalable & Secure Data Science

Using genomics in the discovery and development of new medicines and diagnostics requires the ability to manage high volumes of data in a secure, compliant, production-ready environment. DNAnexus provides a platform that facilitates the integration of the genetic data with other data types and enables collaboration globally.

2 A True Global Network

Connecting Pharmaceutical, Medical Centers & Research Partners

Progress in science and medicine accelerates when researchers collaborate around responsibly shared datasets. As the complexity and scale of data increases, collaboration becomes more difficult to manage. DNAnexus enables distributed research teams access to the same data and analysis tools to advance scientific discovery.
3 Move Beyond Genomics

Extract Knowledge from Diverse Data

Insights from genomic data are revealed more often when multiple data types are analyzed together. DNAnexus helps advance medical discovery by bringing genomic, multi-omics, and clinical data securely together on a single scalable platform.

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DNAnexus Secures $200 Million Funding Led by Blackstone

We're advancing our biomedical data-driven technology to support faster data insights, accelerate drug discovery and deliver novel therapeutics.


In collaboration with Microsoft, DNAnexus Portals™ forms the foundation of St. Jude Cloud, providing researchers access to the world’s largest public repository of pediatric cancer genomic data to accelerate data mining, analysis, and visualization capabilities.
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Vertebrate Genomes Project leverages DNAnexus Titan™ to achieve their ambitious goal of generating reference quality genome assemblies of all 66,000 extant vertebrate species.
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DNAnexus is proud to power precisionFDA, a community platform for next-generation sequencing assay evaluation and regulatory science exploration.
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We cultivate a culture of constant improvement in science & technology. Our xVantage Group is dedicated to helping you realize your goals.

"The best thing you can do with DNAnexus is give them a problem to solve."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

"Collaboration is vital to advancing scientific discovery. We are excited to partner with Microsoft and DNAnexus to create infrastructure and tools to share data and accelerate progress toward finding cures for pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases."

President & CEO
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


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