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A Trusted Environment for Scientific Research

Ready to Scale, User-Friendly, and Fully Controlled

Elevate Your Reach and Impact

As large-scale research programs continue to gather clinico-omic data at increasing scale, they must provide a secure data environment for researchers to conduct analysis with ease. DNAnexus® helps these programs broaden their impact by equipping researchers around the globe with accessible tools and resources while maintaining full control of how data is accessed and used.

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Build and Grow Influential Biomedical Research Communities

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  • Manage, Deliver, and
    Analyze Data

  • Efficiently ingest, manage, and distribute data at scale, and provide flexible workflows for batch analyses.
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  • Empower End-Users, Anywhere

  • Leverage an environment that is designed for collaboration between many types of users across geographic borders.
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  • Protect Sensitive Data and Uphold Trust

  • Model the highest standards of accountability with full access and governance control.
  • Power and Efficiency
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Calibrated Control

Power and Efficiency

Power and Efficiency

Manage, distribute, and analyze multiomic and clinical data at unprecedented scale

DNAnexus enables population health programs to bring researchers and the tools they need to the data. This means that end-users are readily equipped to make meaningful use of data within the safety of the platform.

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    High-Performance Scalability

    Enable users to easily clean, unify, and standardize complex datasets for deep interrogation at scale.
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    Data provenance

    Track derived datasets through apps, workflows, and users so that researchers can ensure verifiability and reproducibility of their findings.
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    Flexible Job Management

    Allow end-users to easily track and manage all jobs running on the platform at any given time and prioritize them as needed.
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    Deidentified data

    Make it possible for researchers to access large amounts of data within hours instead of months and substantially reduce the amount of storage required through pseudonymization, which creates de-identified “soft copies” of the original data.

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experience

Provide a solution that suits your entire user base

Empower your research community to work at the top of their scope, regardless of their technical training.

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    Large & Diverse User Community

    Engage a larger community results in faster insights. DNAnexus allows any number of users to access and run analyses on the platform at any given time without compromising performance.
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    Intuitive Graphical User Interface

    Support users who are not familiar with using a command line interface. Leverage an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI to create workflows and run analyses.
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    Flexible Workflows

    Enable data scientists to self-serve, create their own apps, or bring in custom workflows–DNAnexus is a user’s platform.
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    Comprehensive Onboarding and Support

    Hit the ground running with a highly-praised onboarding program and expert support from the DNAnexus Customer Success team.

Calibrated Control

Calibrated Control

Protect and respect sensitive participant data

Choose a platform that meets the industry’s most stringent security, quality, and compliance requirements.

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    Meet National & International Data Standards

    Comply with key standards and regulations. DNAnexus is compliant with ISO27001, NIST 800 framework, HIPAA, GDPR, GxP/ICH, CAP/CLIA, and more.
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    Comply with Informed Consent Requirements

    Make use of customized compliance requirements, such as participant withdrawal and pseudonymization, to ensure that the data environment will uphold its part of informed consent.
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    Manage Access Permissions for a Secure Data Environment

    Take full control of data access and use, delivering custom datasets to specific users based on their needs and per-project permissions while maintaining visibility to user roles at all times.

DNAnexus and UK Biobank

Leveraging the power and scalability of DNAnexus, the Research Analysis Platform enables researchers to easily and quickly explore and analyze the incredibly rich UK Biobank dataset.


Our Future Health and DNAnexus

DNAnexus has been selected as the platform provider of the Trusted Research Environment for Our Future Health, the United Kingdom's largest health research program.

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