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Experience more breakthroughs at the speed of thought.

With DNAnexus, big data bottlenecks are officially a thing of the past. Accelerate the gathering of actionable insights from multi-omics and clinical data with our big data exploration, analysis, and discovery platform.

Hero Use Case Translational Research

New White Paper! Transform omics data into insights with these four critical strategies.

WHY DNAnexus

Tackle Complex Big Data Challenges

Moving from the initial stages of target identification through clinical development remains a significant challenge. Existing tools are not set up to easily handle the scale and scope of translational research. Siloed data, legacy tools, and dated compliance and collaboration processes can hinder the success of enterprise-scale translational research programs.

Accelerate Your Data Exploration Process

As the complexity and scale of data increases, enterprises require a solution to help diverse teams extract actionable intelligence from big data. DNAnexus Apollo™ empowers biologists to explore thousands of phenotype fields and millions of variants in seconds, and enables bioinformaticians to spend more time on complex analysis and less time data wrangling. With DNAnexus Apollo™, you can unlock the power of large datasets, like the UK Biobank, in as little as two weeks.
  • Combine multi-omics & clinical data to unlock the power of complex datasets
  • Test & generate multiple hypotheses at the speed of thought
  • Explore & analyze complex datasets without the need for coding expertise
  • Break down data silos


1 Scalability

The Sky's the Limit

Eliminate challenges around dataset size and scope. With infrastructure and tools to accommodate complex data types and large volumes, you can seamlessly upload and harmonize population-scale genomic, multi-omics, and clinical data for analysis.

2 Global Collaboration

The Power of Teamwork

Inspire rapid feedback by giving team members everything they need in one secure environment. Biologists can conduct precision research with a web-based cohort browser, allowing them to generate and test hypotheses with no programming required.
3 Cohort Analysis

Slice & Dice the Data

Query genomic, multi-omics and phenotypic characteristics to build cohorts for in-depth analysis to explore associations between genomic and linked clinical data. DNAnexus Apollo is data model agnostic, allowing for interrogation of any structured or unstructured data type.
4 Visual Exploration

Enhanced Seeing is Believing

Query, analyze, and visualize massive datasets to reach insights faster. Explore thousands of phenotype fields and millions of variants within seconds using our interactive data visualization tools, including a cohort browser robust enough for UK Biobank data — a population-scale sequencing project of 500,000 individuals.
5 Security & Compliance

Peace of Mind

Protect your research by adopting the industry’s most comprehensive security and privacy framework. Learn why the FDA, top pharmaceutical companies and others have trusted DNAnexus to support their global genomics programs.
6 Modern Data Science Tools

Speed the Pace of Discovery

Take advantage of embedded JupyterLab so collaborators can create, view, and interact with detailed data explorations, without the need for Spark or cluster computing expertise.


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"DNAnexus is an important partner helping us navigate the complexities of integrating genotype and phenotype data to deliver improved insights to our leading R&D teams."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

"DNAnexus Apollo will allow us to collaborate across partner cancer centers and optimize the translation of basic discoveries into practical clinical applications in pursuit of more precise cancer treatments."

Senior Vice President, Chief Informatics Officer
City of Hope

"The best thing you can do with DNAnexus is give them a problem to solve."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center


Discover how easy it is to explore complex clinico-genomic datasets in the cloud.

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