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Precision Science. Delivered.

xVantage Group™ works with you to understand the dynamics of your company and get you up-and-running on the DNAnexus Platform.
Hero Services x Vantage V2


Workflow Development

We are ready to seamlessly migrate your local production pipeline to the cloud or develop novel bioinformatics pipelines on the DNAnexus Platform. From initial assessment to implementation, you’ve got a top-notch partner to help you reach your goals.

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  • Robust & efficient analysis pipelines
  • Optimized for quality, speed & runtime cost
  • Applications expertly qualified for regulatory compliance
  • Unrivaled expertise on a wide range of applications & data types

DNAnexus Portals™ Customization

Whether you are a genetic testing lab looking to deploy new tests to your customers, or a research consortia providing your community with access to standardized bioinformatics and visualization tools, the xVantage Group can create a customized community space for you.

DNAnexus Portals™ enable users to focus on collaboration, discovery, and innovation, removing the burden of secure data management, distribution and analysis.
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  • Fuel innovation through secure sharing & collaborative analysis
  • Leverage standardized & syndicated data & tools
  • Support consortia through operational management


The xVantage Group helps customers with their medical device submissions, their clinical trial protocols and submissions, managing data collaboration from CROs, their regulated production diagnostics, and other regulated processes that occur on the DNAnexus Platform. Our group can share experiences from customers similar to you to help jump-start your use of the Platform in your regulated space.

  • App & Workflow Qualification for Regulatory Submission
  • Computer System Validation Assistance
  • Quality Audits Assistance
  • Quality Control Methodology Assistance

Genome Assembly

The xVantage Group provides fast, accurate, and cost-efficient reference-quality genome assembly services. As a bioinformatics partner, we will collaborate with you on complex assembly, structural variation analysis, and physical mapping to achieve complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation.
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  • Solutions are Fast, Accurate & Cost-efficient
  • Technical Expertise Working with Complex Genomes
  • Easily Incorporate Additional Technologies to Improve Genome Assembly

Customer Training & Onboarding

The xVantage Group will train and mentor your team to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to optimize use of the DNAnexus Platform, meeting your research requirements. Personalized, hands-on training sessions include a general introduction to DNAnexus, how to leverage the platform via the web user interface and the command-line, and how to develop applications and workflows. Training is provided by a DNAnexus Scientist who can share best-practice recommendations and answer complex technical questions specific to your use case.
  • Small group, hands-on training
  • Rapid Onboarding to the DNAnexus Platform
  • Easily Share Data, Run Programs, & Build Workflows with Web UI & Command-line

xVantage Care

A positive and productive customer experience is the primary goal of the xVantage Group™. We provide customer service options to enable and empower customers to utilize their DNAnexus products to their utmost capability. We aim to not only provide high quality customer support, but to also encourage and promote customer success.
  • Expert Experience when you need it
  • Partnership & Consistent Support Through Entire Process
  • Customer Success is Our Priority

"The xVantage Group helped us complete a population-level genome assembly for maize. The team pushed the frontiers forward for us, allowing us to scale and optimize this complex genome and deliver an exceptionally high-quality reference assembly."

Scientist & Adjunct Professor
USDA ARS and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

"DNAnexus xVantage helped us optimize and deploy our custom RNA-seq pipeline to production. We were pleased with the expertise the team was able to provide, which enabled us to accelerate our analysis of RNA sequencing data."



If you have questions about our products and solutions or would like to schedule a demo, our xVantage science and technology services team is on-hand to help.

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