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Tailored Support to Meet Your Research Goals

Onboarding onto a cloud platform and navigating the expansive & rich UK Biobank dataset can be daunting. For users who need a bit more support for their customized workflows or want 1:1 expert guidance from the DNAnexus team, we’ve created service packages to help you accelerate your discovery.

Whether you need help managing specific queries or are looking for customized guidance, our flexible service options have you covered. Multiple service package options are available allowing your team to choose the level of support and time for when you’ll need it.

Service packages are made up of service tickets, and can be purchased in different bundle amounts. They can be used for advanced assistance & more customized care from our Care Service Specialists.

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Customized Service Options

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Packaged Service

Receive a package of service hours to be used when your team needs it. Leverage your hours to receive assistance & more customized care from our Care Service Specialists.

Pay as you Go

Pay for specialized care when your team needs it. Pay-as-you-go allows your organization the flexibility to reach our Care Service Specialists when the need arises.

Concierge Service

Receive an embedded bioinformatics specialist to help you navigate your research plans. They can help guide and manage your workflows on UKB-RAP or provide one-on-one guidance.

Key Benefits

Reduce Mean Time to Discovery

Extract Insights Faster

All users can access a large amount of free support from our tutorials & webinars on YouTube, and documentation that will still remain available for users to access. However, with the service packages our team of experts will be able to get you the right answers and guidance faster either through consulting, tools development, or data analysis questions.

Gain Knowledge

Best Practices from Bioinformatics Experts

Learn first-hand from our team’s deep experience working with UKB data. Learn best practices for working with large multi-omics sets and complex data structures.


Choose Your Level of Service When You Need It

Receive answers and support on a wide variety of your specific questions on research topics such as genetic association, clinical data, imaging analysis, multimodal data analysis, integrated analysis or machine learning or ask for a 1:1 learning session with our experts who can help walk you through solving your more complex queries, equipping you with the right understanding to succeed.

Note that if you are interested in having our  experts directly access and/or process UK Biobank data, please reach out to View our FAQ for more details.

Customer Success Driven Team

Working To Understand Your Needs

Our DNAnexus team will work with users to understand their objectives and develop a plan to achieve early wins, ensuring that our clients are successful using UKB-RAP.