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The Precision Health Data Cloud for Clinical Diagnostics

DNAnexus® helps you scale to meet demand,
grow your portfolio of genetic services, and
expand your global reach.

Advance Clinical Diagnostics with DNAnexus

Diagnostics testing companies are at the forefront of the multiomics revolution. Choosing the right technology solutions is critical to compete in a dynamic environment and keep up with the rapid pace of technical and scientific innovation.

With DNAnexus, your diagnostics company can develop, launch and scale genetic testing with greater operational efficiency, cost control, and secure collaboration.

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Why DNAnexus?

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  • Move Faster and Spend Less

  • Create, refine, and validate new pipelines in less time with less effort. Gain easy access to all your development and production tests and data in one place. Work with your favorite open source algorithms or third-party tools.
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  • Scale to Meet Demand

  • Increase capacity to handle new tests and volumes. Eliminate processing queues, compute time delays, and unreliable platform availability. DNAnexus scales automatically and optimizes turnaround time to keep costs per sample low.
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  • Unlock the Power of NGS Data

  • Build your own scientific community with control and compliance. With a secure environment to share data and collaborate with internal and external partners, DNAnexus democratizes data access and accelerates discovery.

Clinical Diagnostics Companies Choosing DNAnexus

  • Diagnostic Test R&D
  • Scaling Production Operations
  • Secure Data Distribution & Sharing
  • DNAnexus for Service Providers

Diagnostic Test R&D

Diagnostic Test R&D

Rapidly develop and deploy new tests

Create and execute research and clinical analysis workflows efficiently with both industry standard and custom-developed bioinformatics tools.

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    Extraordinary Flexibility and Scalability

    Increase the capacity to handle new tests with a high-availability, high-performance cloud solution that eliminates delays.
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    Smart Reuse for Efficiency

    Reuse computations and skip repetitive steps, reducing pipeline development time by 80% compared to DIY solutions. Reuse also eliminates long processing delays when testing new pipeline versions.
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    A Unified Environment for R&D and Production

    Run newly created R&D pipelines in the same environment as production data for easy access to development and production tests and data.

Scaling Production Operations

Scaling Production Operations

Eliminate production delays and minimize turnaround time

Access a production environment that is easy to use and scalable, with operating controls allowing for tracking, cost management, and quality assurance of testing.

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    Leverage Proven Scalability & Limitless Test Volume

    Handle NGS data analysis at scale in our cloud testing environment. Auto-provision more compute resources whenever demand increases to keep costs per sample low.
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    Gain Full Visibility into Cost and Operational Performance

    Make faster production decisions and reduce cycle times with real-time visibility into pipeline performance, costs, and volumes.
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    Use Simplified Security and Compliance Management

    Benefit from our certified compliant platform’s strict security, quality, and regulatory regimes needed for clinical testing, including ISO27001, NIST 800 framework, HIPAA, GDPR, GxP/ICH regulations, and CAP/CLIA.

Secure Data Distribution & Sharing

Secure Data Distribution & Sharing

Extract more value from diagnostics data

Distribute, collaborate on, and extract more value from multiomic and clinical data securely, from R&D to clinical trials and integrating outcomes into production data.

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    Integrate Data to Unlock Value

    Aggregate, clean, standardize, and merge data into a searchable, accessible, and centralized location.
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    Enable Collaborative Analysis

    Enable clinicians, subject matter experts, and data analysts from multiple teams to collaboratively generate insights from anywhere in the world while maintaining high standards for security and regulatory compliance.
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    Share Data and Tools Globally

    Power collaboration by decentralizing sequencing across multiple labs and centralizing analysis in a secure cloud environment. Share data and tools, access a JupyterLab environment, track data provenance, and use access controls to confidently work across multiple locations.

DNAnexus for Service Providers

DNAnexus for Service Providers

A proven platform to help scale your business

Solve the complexity of data sharing by collaborating on the DNAnexus platform so you can focus on what you do best: providing excellent scientific services. Analyze and deliver results seamlessly without the need for local compute infrastructure.

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    Proven Scalability, Limitless Test Volume

    Develop, automate, and optimize your genomic analysis workflows to meet the growing demand for higher volumes of sequencing data while keeping costs low.
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    Full Visibility into Cost and Operational Performance

    Help customers make faster production decisions and reduce cycle times with real-time visibility into pipeline performance, costs, and volumes.

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    Streamlined Data and Results Sharing

    Leverage a cloud-based, enterprise-grade data management and analysis system to share results with global clients securely and instantaneously.

Natera Achieves Scale and Security with DNAnexus

Hear how the Precision Health Data Cloud helps Natera unlock R&D efficiencies and production cost savings.

Precision Medicine Requires Scalable Data Sharing, Data Protection

Awards & Recognition

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Focus on Science, Not Software Development

DNAnexus can deliver a 395% ROI and accelerates pipeline development by 50% when compared to DIY.