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Easily explore complex, population-scale genomic and clinical datasets.

Let DNAnexus™ help your research team get the most out of these uniquely valuable resources - with trusted, scalable, and high-performance data analysis solutions.

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Achieving Insights at Scale

Recent years have seen a proliferation of large-scale genomic sequencing projects, with some targeting participant populations numbering in the millions. As these datasets become available, they offer the opportunity to meaningfully broaden our knowledge of the genomic character of different populations, the genetic nature of life-threatening illnesses, and other critical questions.
But this flood of sequencing data also presents real challenges. Chief among them: how to effectively analyze genomic data at unprecedented scale in combination with phenotypic/clinical data.

Explore & Analyze

Enter DNAnexus Apollo™. Built on the lightning-fast DNAnexus Platform, it empowers researchers to explore and analyze the full complement of genomic data available today from population-scale projects such as UK Biobank. And because it’s built to scale, it can handle even larger datasets as they become available.

Advance your research with the power to:

  • Easily create and analyze custom cohorts, based on shared genetic and phenotypic variants
  • Conduct GWAS, calculate allele frequencies, and more
  • Explore millions of phenotypic variants and billions of genotypes - in seconds


1 Cohort Browser

Rapid Cohort Analysis

DNAnexus Apollo™ is equipped with the only cohort browser built to easily handle the scale and complexities of population-scale genomics datasets. Browse and explore thousands of phenotype fields and millions of genomic variants, build and compare cohorts, and carry out complex analyses - no coding required.

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2 Embedded JupyterLab

Power-Up Your Data Analysis

Take your analysis further by crunching your cohort data in a JupyterLab Notebook using your favorite Python or R libraries - without having to leave the DNAnexus Platform.

3 Scalability & Performance

The Sky's the Limit

The DNAnexus environment is designed to scale to handle complex analyses of huge datasets. For compute-intensive jobs, on-demand Spark clusters ensure top-notch performance, speeding up your research, and getting you to insights in record time.

4 Optimized Efficiencies

Collaboration & Flexible Workflows

Run batch analyses with ease using robust, scalable, and ready-to-use pipelines, or bring in your custom-built applications. With project-based access control, securely collaborate with your partners and peers around the world.

5 Security & Compliance

Peace of Mind

The DNAnexus Platform meets the industry’s most stringent security requirements and is compliant with ISO27001, NIST 800 framework, HIPAA, GDPR, GxP/ICH, CAP/CLIA regulations, and more.

6 Competitive Edge

Beyond Professional Services

Help your teams get smarter, faster with experts who partner with you to help solve your toughest challenges. DNAnexus xVantage is a group of bioinformatics scientists and computational experts that help new users ramp up quickly. Their expertise guides organizations through data ingestion as well as pipeline migration, optimization, and development.

"DNAnexus Apollo will allow us to collaborate across partner cancer centers and optimize the translation of basic discoveries into practical clinical applications in pursuit of more precise cancer treatments."

Senior Vice President, Chief Informatics Officer
City of Hope

"DNAnexus is an important partner helping us navigate the complexities of integrating genotype and phenotype data to deliver improved insights to our leading R&D teams."

Executive Director, Head of Genome Informatics
Regeneron Genetics Center

"DNAnexus offers a secure, scalable solution that allows us to progress towards our ambitious goal of analysing two million genomes to help us better understand the underlying causes of disease."

VP, Personalized Healthcare & Biomarkers

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