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Maximize Your Data's Potential

Securely manage, distribute, and
analyze precision health data.

Deliver value without compromising safety

The rapid evolution of precision health has led to an incredible increase in the breadth and depth of clinico-multiomic data gathered by the biomedical industry. DNAnexus® helps data providers maximize the potential of this data through collaboration in a secure, controlled, and trusted research environment. 

the-dnanexus-solution-in-action the-dnanexus-solution-in-action the-dnanexus-solution-in-action

Unlock the Full Potential of your Data

  • integrate data to create value
  • Integrate data to create value

  • Securely aggregate, clean, standardize, and merge data into a searchable, accessible, and centralized location.
  • collaborate
  • Engage partners and users

  • Easily navigate new data offerings in real-time based on market demand, demonstrate the value of those offerings to prospective collaborators, and responsibly share data deliverables.
  • security
  • Enable collaborative analysis

  • Enable clinicians, subject matter experts, and data analysts to collaboratively generate insights across borders while maintaining high standards for security and regulatory compliance.
  • Real-World Data Workbench
  • Data Business Enablement
  • Enterprise Data Administration

Real-World Data Workbench

Real-World Data Workbench

Securely manage, distribute, and analyze precision health data

Collaborate with clients within the safety of the DNAnexus platform and equip end-users with the tools and access required to make meaningful use of clinico-multiomic data. Use DNAnexus as your trusted research environment.

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    Complete Trusted Research Environment with Configurable Access Controls

    Be a good steward of patient data by upholding the “Five Safes” of a Trusted Research Environment within the platform.
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    Data Standardization and Structuring

    Enable your users to execute complex queries across linked datasets through aggregation, cleaning, standardization, and structuring.
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    Informatics Tools Library & JupyterLab

    Generate insights quickly with access to a robust library of optimized informatics workflows and integrated JupyterLab support.
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    Bring Your Own Applications

    Utilize an expansive list of out-of-the-box tools or allow stakeholders to bring their preferred applications for use within the secure boundaries of the platform.

Data Business Enablement

Data Business Enablement

Link multiomic and clinical data

Reduce the challenges of demonstrating your data’s value so that your client engagement team can make the most of their opportunities.

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    Cohort Browser & Data Showcase

    Deliver a powerful and intuitive cohort browser that enables easy exploration of cohorts to facilitate hypothesis generation and feasibility analysis.
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    White-labeled Portal

    Allow end-users to access and work with your data seamlessly through a customized portal that reflects your brand.
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    Pre-sales Enablement and Acceleration

    Easily and efficiently demonstrate the value of data offerings up front, shortening the sales cycle.

Enterprise Data Administration

Enterprise Data Administration

Streamline B2B data sharing operations

Reduce the cost and complexity of data administration by leveraging tools designed to support your business.

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    End-to-end Data Dispensal Service

    Easily package and dispense quality-controlled orders for delivery to end-users, leveraging integrated training and support as needed.
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    Portal Administration

    Easily administer portal access with the approval of your data review board.
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    Expert Support

    Gain access to the DNAnexus Customer Success team, who are available to deliver enterprise support to end-users.

Data Solutions by Industry

Scientific Visualization Software-Black

Commercial Data Businesses

Share data in a secure and controllable environment. Provide your partners with an analysis-ready environment in which to consume it.
Clinical Trials-Black

Clinical Diagnostics

Unlock additional value from your molecular diagnostics datasets with a platform that enables data monetization and B2B sharing.
Medical Centers-2-Black

Academic Medical Centers

Leverage DNAnexus to build a scientific community around your rich datasets, governed by a trusted research environment that offers full control over data access & use.
UK Biobank Research-Black

Biobanks & Population Programs

Enable the exploration of complex, population-scale genomic and clinical datasets with trusted, scalable, and high-performance data analysis solutions.
Genomics Analysis-Black

Research Associations

Make large clinical and molecular datasets available to partners and collaborators to advance research and support the discovery of new therapies.

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