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Where Data Meets Discovery

Accelerate R&D with secure and scalable solutions
that make it easy to manage, analyze, and share
your integrated precision health data.

Power Drug Discovery and Development with DNAnexus

With the Precision Health Data Cloud, biopharma leaders can unify multimodal data, extract actionable insights and accelerate breakthroughs while realizing efficiencies and managing costs.

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Why DNAnexus?

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  • Ingest, unify, and manage your data quickly with out-of-the-box integrations and pre-built workflows. Conduct powerful analyses with an AI/ML-ready environment that provides a comprehensive command line experience to technical users.
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  • Enable your internal and external data stakeholders with large-scale dataset offerings, scalable data management capabilities, comprehensive collaboration tools, and an intuitive UX that serves users of all technical backgrounds.
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  • Support your IT teams with secure, GxP-compliant solutions that are seamlessly implemented by our team of in-house experts. We’ll ensure that you never fall out of compliance and that you can tackle any challenge.

Partnering with the world's leading biomedical organizations

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  • Unify Multimodal Data
  • Analyze at Scale
  • Boost Clinical Trial Data Value
  • Supercharge Collaboration
  • Generate Insights

Unify Multimodal Data

Unify Multimodal Data

Intuitive clinico-omics data management

Quickly integrate and manage your multimodal data and metadata, including omics, phenotype, clinical, and imaging data.

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    Automatable Data Unification

    Integrate your precision health data and associated metadata in a FAIR and compliant way. Improve efficiency through data ingestion automation.
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    Data Organization with a Full Audit Trail

    Streamline and safeguard your operations with project-level data management tools, full audit-trails, and data lineage tracking.
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    Extensive Instrument and Software Integration

    Stream data from sequencing instruments, push and pull data from ELN and LIMS software, and send data to popular data analysis and visualization programs.

Analyze at Scale

Analyze at Scale

Robust, production-scale analysis

Process your data with ease with our pre-built pipelines or using your own custom tools. Automate your workflows to process data at scale. 

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    Streamlined Analysis Workflows

    Create custom, automatable analysis pipelines in WDL, Nextflow, or Docker workflow languages to standardize and deploy new methods.
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    Out-of-the-Box Tool Library

    Quickly implement analysis pipelines using prebuilt tools for a variety of applications, including whole genome sequencing, bulk RNA-seq and proteomics, single cell analysis, and more.
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    Customizable Functionality that is ML-Ready

    Customize analyses with a robust suite of command tools, including R and SQL interfaces, built-in Jupyter environments, and ML frameworks, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Boost Clinical Trial Data Value

Boost Clinical Trial Data Value

Interactive analysis with GxP compliance

Get more value from your clinical trial data with cohort visualization and analysis tools nested in a GxP-compliant platform that unifies data, bolsters collaboration, and integrates seamlessly into your software suite.
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    Cohort Analysis and Visualization for Patient/Risk Stratification

    Inform patient and risk stratification with powerful cohort analysis and visualization functionality.
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    Clinical and Molecular Data Linking

    Dive deeper into complex datasets with Spark-backed databases for organizing and linking phenotypic and molecular data.
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    IT-ready, GxP-Compliant Data Cloud

    Reduce the time and costs associated with building and validating a data management platform. DNAnexus delivers GxP-compliance and industry-leading security that spans from research and development to regulated clinical environments.

Supercharge Collaboration

Supercharge Collaboration

Extensive collaboration and knowledge sharing features

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in real-time by sharing projects, data, workflows, and results–all with robust role-based permissioning and comprehensive access controls.

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    Secure Data Access for External Teams and Collaborators

    Deliver specific datasets and analysis tools to data stakeholders in secure data environments that provide a compliant workspace for external data sharing and research.
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    Complete Role-Based Permissioning, Access Controls, and Usage Tracking

    Keep your processes secure and funded with comprehensive role-based permission features, guarded data access, and usage and spend reporting.
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    Functionality for Real-Time Collaboration and Knowledge Preservation

    Iterate in real-time and guard against brain drain with tools that enable project and result sharing, collaborative data analysis, and workflow/protocol cataloging.

Generate Insights

Generate Insights

Powerful tools to inform target and biomarker discovery and development

Go from ingestion to insights with pre-built and custom insight tools that extract more value from your precision health data.

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    Longitudinal Analyses and Survival Exploration

    Meaningfully interrogate cohort data with tools that visualize patient timelines, model disease trajectories, and provide survival insights.
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    Rare Variant Analysis and Report Generation

    Quickly go from raw data to rare variant report generation. Easily chain together analytical pipelines for end-to-end, automated insight workflows at production-scale. 
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    Partnerships that Power Insights

    Further explore data through managed partner tools and integrations for biomarker discovery, target discovery, statistical analyses, visualizations, and more.

FDA Selects DNAnexus to Power precisionFDA Collaborative
Omics Environment in the Cloud

The partnership enables FDA to enhance precisionFDA capabilities for sponsor-reviewer interaction, add support for multi-omics, and provide a library of analytical, statistical, and machine learning applications, accessible to reviewers and powerful enough for bioinformaticians


Customer Stories

Overcoming Technological Challenges to Fast-Track R&D


Discover why Ultragenyx chose to bring data and pipelines together in one secure environment for streamlined multiomics data analysis.

Standardizing Portable, Reproducible Analysis Pipelines

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See how Eli Lilly partnered with DNAnexus and used open-source standards to tackle the changing bioinformatics landscape with on-demand compute and portable, reproducible pipelines to run in any region.

Empowering Life Sciences R&D with a Trusted Research Environment


Learn how City of Hope and a top 3 pharma organization partnered with DNAnexus to implement the powerful precision health data environments for management, analysis, and collaboration.  

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Roundtable: Integrating Proteomics & Other Omics Data for Cancer Research


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BigOmics® and DNAnexus

Explore how DNAnexus and BigOmics partner
to provide seamless omics analysis. 

You save the bioinformatician’s time as well as compute time, and therefore decrease turnaround time. This enables R&D researchers to answer questions and get rare disease treatments to market faster. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Sean Daugherty Senior Director, Bioinformatics, Ultragenyx

Learn how to unlock the power of multiomics and clinical data for accelerated drug discovery.