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The Precision Health Data Cloud for Medical Centers

Unlock the power of multiomics and clinical data to accelerate precision medicine, find biomarkers, and deliver the next-generation of patient care.

Accelerate Translational Research with DNAnexus

To implement a successful precision medicine strategy, medical centers need the ability to securely integrate genetic data with a range of additional data types.

With the Precision Health Data Cloud, medical centers have a streamlined way to mesh multiple data types and conduct association studies, while analytic pipelines can be easily standardized to allow greater data integration and larger studies.

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Why DNAnexus?

DNAnexus has partnered with healthcare providers to enable precision medicine across multiple disease areas
including oncology, rare diseases, cardiology and common diseases.

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  • Move Faster with Greater Efficiency

  • Create, refine, and validate new bioinformatics pipelines in less time with less effort than DIY. Move data automatically from sequencer to secondary analysis, applying metadata to every file to save critical time for better sample and data management.
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  • Establish a Single Source of Truth for Multimodal Data

  • Integrate complex datasets and analyze the widest possible array of molecular and clinical data types in a central repository that makes data findable and accessible for all teams. Visually explore multimodal data securely in a single, integrated view.
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  • Foster Scientific Collaboration

  • Build and scale your own scientific community. With a secure environment to share data and collaborate with internal and external researchers, you can democratize data access to accelerate translational research with control and compliance.
  • Secondary Analysis
  • Multiomics Insights
  • Translational Research
  • Secure Data Distribution & Sharing

Secondary Analysis

Secondary Analysis

Easily deploy standard and custom bioinformatics pipelines

DNAnexus enables medical centers to efficiently create and execute research and clinical analysis workflows with both industry-standard and custom-developed bioinformatics tools.

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    Extraordinary Flexibility and Scalability

    Increase the capacity to handle NGS data analysis with a high-availability, high-performance cloud solution that eliminates delays caused by long compute times and unreliable platform availability.
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    Smart Workflow Reuse for Greater Efficiency

    Reuse computations and skip repetitive steps, reducing pipeline development time by 80% compared to DIY solutions. Reuse capabilities also eliminate long processing delays when testing new pipeline versions.
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    Automated Sample & Data Tracking

    Track every sample and its associated data throughout every stage of testing and analysis. Move data automatically from sequencer through to secondary analysis, applying metadata to every file and making retrieval and traceability easier.

Multiomics Insights

Multiomics Insights

A dynamic platform for multiomics exploration and analysis

DNAnexus effectively handles the analysis and annotation of a full range of multiomics data types. Medical teams can securely collaborate by sharing data and tools, accessing a JupyterLab environment, tracking data provenance, and ensuring uniform reproducibility, including highly parallelizable execution of data analysis.

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    Centralized Multiomics Data

    Use DNAnexus to make data FAIR - findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable–while offering a central repository for multiomics data. Use structured storage for germline and somatic data to enable co-analysis.
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    Robust Analysis Tools

    Empower researchers to explore data using powerful analytics tools including NGS secondary analysis tools, GWAS, Allele frequency, and more. Use embedded JupyterLab notebooks to refine, document, and share custom analyses–or visually explore your data in our innovative cohort browser.
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    Custom Application Development

    Create and deploy your own custom analysis applications or tap into the DNAnexus professional services team to create custom analysis applications that generate multiomics insights for your organization.

Translational Research

Translational Research

Powering translational informatics by breaking down data silos

DNAnexus enables seamless collaboration across clinicians, researchers, and bioinformaticians, eliminating data silos to accelerate clinical research and support better patient care.

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    Integrate Multimodal Data to Unlock Value

    Aggregate, clean, standardize, and merge molecular, clinical, and imaging data into a searchable, accessible, and centralized location that enables multidimensional analysis.
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    Enable Collaborative Analysis

    Enable clinicians, researchers, and bioinformaticians from multiple teams to collaboratively generate insights across borders, while maintaining high standards for security and regulatory compliance.
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    Share Data and Tools Globally

    Power collaboration by centralizing analysis in a secure cloud environment. Share data and tools, access a JupyterLab environment, track data provenance, and use access controls to confidently work across teams and organizations.

Secure Data Distribution & Sharing

Secure Data Distribution & Sharing

Derive more value from precision health data

DNAnexus lets you provide data access to your medical center’s community of collaborators, customers, and other external users without data ever needing to leave your environment.

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    Full oversight over data dispensal

    Medical centers can easily package and dispense quality-controlled datasets for delivery to external partners and collaborators. Controls can be set to ensure data cannot be downloaded and does not leave the platform.
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    Complete Trusted Research Environment with Configurable Access Controls

    Medical centers can be good stewards of sensitive information with the ability to serve up data in an analysis-ready Trusted Research Environment (TRE).
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    White-Labeled Portal

    End-users can benefit from a seamless experience as they access and work with your data through a customized portal that reflects your brand and specifications.

Leading Medical Centers Choosing DNAnexus


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With a Scalable Cloud Foundation, City of Hope’s POSEIDON Powers a Sea Change in Personalized Cancer Care

City of Hope’s POSEIDON precision oncology platform leverages the DNAnexus technology stack to ensure a consistent analytical workflow for breast cancer biomarkers in clinical trials

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Awards & Recognition

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FDA Selects DNAnexus to Power precisionFDA Collaborative
Omics Environment in the Cloud

The partnership enables FDA to enhance precisionFDA capabilities for sponsor-reviewer interaction, add support for multi-omics, and provide a library of analytical, statistical, and machine learning applications, accessible to reviewers and powerful enough for bioinformaticians.


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