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Advance Scientific Discovery
with the DNAnexus®  Platform

Create your nexus of multimodal data, analytics, and collaborators.
Accelerate discovery, diagnosis, treatment, and data distribution.

Derive rich insights from precision health data

Easily integrate multiomics and clinical data to perform analyses and generate insights. Leverage bioinformatics tools, JupyterLab notebooks, cohort browsing, and visualization applications all within the DNAnexus platform.

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From Sequencer to Results Sharing

DNAnexus provides customers a centralized platform for omics and phenotypic data management, workflow automation, security, compliance, and access controls to enable collaborative science.

  • Manage Biomedical Data
  • Perform Analysis
  • Collaborate with Others

Manage Biomedical Data

Manage Biomedical Data

Integrate omics, imaging, and phenotypic data

Easily ingest, organize, store and integrate your omics, imaging, and RWD datasets. Break down data silos with one single source of truth for multimodal data.




Manage Your Data

Perform Analysis

Perform Analysis

Process and analyze omics and multimodal data in the cloud

Deploy bioinformatics pipelines and AI/ML algorithms with unmatched speed. Build cohorts and generate insights in an intuitive interface.




Analyze Your Data

Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with Others

Controlled data sharing and distribution

A trusted, secure environment for research and data sharing. Enable seamless, secure collaboration across internal and external stakeholders with full compliance.




Collaborate with Others

Accelerating Precision Health Cloud

Purpose-Built Trusted Research Environments: Facilitating Precision Health Breakthroughs in Biopharma

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of the DNAnexus Platform

DNAnexus Security & Compliance

Learn why the FDA, top pharmaceutical companies, global diagnostic test providers, genome centers and sequencing service providers have trusted DNAnexus to support their global genomics programs.

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Hear from Innovators

Powering Large-Scale Next-Gen Sequencing at the Regeneron Genetics Center

Trusted by the world's precision health leaders


Customers Benefitting From the Precision Health Data Cloud

Overcoming Technological Challenges to Fast-Track R&D


Ultragenyx is bringing data and pipelines together in one secure environment for streamlined multiomics data analysis.

Powering the Next Generation of Precision Oncology Therapies


City of Hope partnered with DNAnexus to implement the powerful cloud-based Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network (POSEIDON).

Standardizing Portable, Reproducible Analysis Pipelines

lilly logo

Eli Lilly partnered with DNAnexus and used open-source standards to tackle the changing bioinformatics landscape with on-demand compute and portable, reproducible pipelines to run in any region.

Proteomics Cancer Roundtable linked in


Roundtable: Integrating Proteomics & Other Omics Data for Cancer Research


Frost & Sullivan paper

Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Company of the Year for Precision Medicine Informatics

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