We're scaling up our team!

Apply your passion for challenging, scalable, distributed systems engineering to the biggest future data problem: genomic medicine. We're building a world-class team of innovators to architect the technology that will decode the first million human genomes and beyond. Join us on this journey! Questions? Email us at

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Why DNAnexus?

We are solving the most challenging computer science problems you will ever see.

In the last few years, the cost to sequence the full human genome (all of your DNA, not just a sample of it) has fallen to the point where it will soon be affordable for every patient to have their whole genome sequenced to help treat their disease.

Think you've seen big-data problems?

Think again - with each genome comprising more than 100 GB and months of CPU time to crunch the information, genomic medicine is the next big-data problem, requiring exabytes of storage and parallel workloads distributed across 100,000 servers. Your technical skills will enable targeted cancer therapies, facilitate prenatal genetic testing, and speed the discovery of lifesaving new drugs. We're tackling all of these challenges combining web technologies, big-data analytics, and scalable systems on cloud computing infrastructure. We're a well-funded, rapidly growing company backed by Google Ventures, TPG Biotech, WuXi PharmaTech, and Claremont Creek.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for smart motivated people. Leave your lab coat at home. Our core is building great software, the technology that powers our genomics data platform.

Experience with genomic medicine isn't necessary, but really strong software engineering aptitude is. Our smallest datasets are Gigabytes in size, and you should be comfortable with the idea of working on an Exabyte-scale system. Our distributed systems will scale to 100,000 nodes and beyond.

Ideal candidates will likely know several of the following technologies: C, C++, Boost, Ruby, Rails, HAML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ECMAScript, V8, jQuery, Flash, Flex/ActionScript, Node.js, Python, Perl, PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Solr, Sphinx, Hadoop, MapReduce, ZooKeeper, Hive, Pig, Oozie, HDFS, ZFS, MCache.

Working at DNAnexus

What is it like to work at DNAnexus? We go above and beyond to create a work environment that you'll love.

Some of the many perks employees enjoy include:

  • Full medical/dental/vision coverage
  • Daily catered lunches
  • Fully stocked assortment of snacks and beverages
  • Health Club reimbursement
  • No official vacation days, employees take time off as needed
  • Standing desks
  • Weekly happy hours
  • Casual dress
  • San Francisco office now open!