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Your Data, Cleanly Organized and
Managed in One Place

The precision health platform bringing together data and analytics to transform R&D and improve patient health.

Break down silos with a single source of truth for multimodal data

YourWith over 80 petabytes of precision health data already managed by customers on our platform, DNAnexus allows you to easily ingest, organize, store and integrate your omics, imaging, and real-world datasets.

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  • Data Ingestion and Metadata Capture
  • Multiomics Data Integration
  • Real-World Data Enrichment

Data Ingestion and Metadata Capture

Data Ingestion and Metadata Capture

Streamline data intake and standardization 

Easily consume, perform quality control, and clean a wide variety of data types, including omics, imaging and phenotypic datasets.

  • data

    Data Ingestion and Harmonization

    Access and use data from various sources, formats, and ontologies. Connect data from multiple sources.
  • data capture

    Metadata Capture

    Automatically capture metadata on projects, analysis, users, spend, and more. Use metadata to ensure reproducible results.
  • quality

    Quality and Consistency

    Gain access to high quality, consistent data more quickly through our streamlined, advanced data integration techniques, including data mapping, standardization, and normalization.

Multiomics Data Integration

Multiomics Data Integration

Weave together multimodal datasets for deeper analysis

Connect, analyze, store, and organize multiple data types. Bring together genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics for analysis with real-world data.

  • cloud storage

    Flexible Storage

    Connect and analyze data from your own cloud storage or provided cloud storage. Analyze data from multiple sources without moving files.
  • secure

    Multiomics Structured Data Store

    Use structured storage for germline and somatic data to enable co-analysis. Connect with proteomics and imaging data.
  • data catalog

    Data Catalog

    Provide your users, collaborators, or customers a single source of truth for data. Use access controls to manage how data are viewed or used.

Real-World Data Enrichment

Real-World Data Enrichment

Harness the potential of real-world data

Use data from a single patient or large cohorts to perform exploratory analysis. Combine clinical data and omics information to find new insights.

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    Population Scale RWD

    Explore large-scale real-world population studies to advance disease research and drug development.
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    Multidimensional Analysis

    Use imaging and clinical data alongside molecular data to direct new research or for use in downstream analysis or AI/ML.
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    Share Complex Cohorts

    Use the command line or guided user interface to assemble cohorts. Share cohorts with users internally or externally.

Data Management Solutions by Industry



Use DNAnexus as a single source of truth for precision health data, breaking down silos and unlocking the power of multiomics and multi-modal data.
Clinical Trials-Black

Clinical Diagnostics

Manage all your molecular diagnostics data in a central cloud platform that enables exploration and analysis.
Medical Centers-2-Black

Academic Medical Centers

Manage, analyze and deliver data and results seamlessly and securely without the need for local compute infrastructure.
UK Biobank Research-Black

Biobank & Population Programs

Easily explore complex, population-scale genomic and clinical datasets with trusted, scalable, and high-performance data management and analysis solutions.
Transcriptomics data-Black

Real-World Evidence Aggregators

Take advantage of a secure and controllable environment to manage and serve up data. Provide your partners with an analysis-ready environment in which to consume it.

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Accelerating Precision Health Cloud

With a Scalable Cloud Foundation, City of Hope’s POSEIDON Powers a Sea Change in Personalized Cancer Care

City of Hope’s POSEIDON precision oncology platform leverages the DNAnexus technology stack to ensure a consistent analytical workflow for breast cancer biomarkers in clinical trials.

Purpose-Built Trusted Research Environments: Facilitating Precision Health Breakthroughs in Biopharma

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of the DNAnexus Platform

DNAnexus Security & Compliance

Learn why the FDA, top pharmaceutical companies, global diagnostic test providers, genome centers and sequencing service providers have trusted DNAnexus to support their global genomics programs.

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