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Achieve Your Goals. Faster.

Our team of experts help you get more value from your precision health data.

  • Quick-Start Implementation for Faster ROI

  • Use DNAnexus on day 1 and have a fully configured solution ready in a few short weeks. Our implementation team gets you live quickly to accelerate time-to-value and ROI.
  • Partner with Our Team for Long-Term Success

  • We ensure the long-term success of our partnership through professional services, managed services, customer success, training, and support teams. Our teams are with you before, during and after implementation.
  • Tailor DNAnexus as Your Needs Evolve

  • Our team is available to tailor DNAnexus to your evolving needs through custom application development, solution accelerators, and configuration of our platform.

Tailored Support To Meet Your UK Biobank Research Goals

  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services
  • Solution Acceleration
  • Training and Support

Professional Services

Professional Services

Delivering for you, from project startup through go-live

The DNAnexus team of experts delivers fast, seamless implementations for companies of all sizes, accelerating time-to-value and maximizing ROI.

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    Go live in weeks, not months

    A proprietary, rapid implementation methodology gets your team up and running quickly. Use our platform from day 1, with a fully configured solution ready in weeks.
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    Tap into our team of experts

    Our team of scientists, engineers, and operations experts understands the science of precision health. We bring best practices to maximize the value you get from our platform.
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    Tailor a fully configured solution to meet your unique needs

    Our professional services team tailors DNAnexus to your specific requirements, giving you a solution that is the right fit for your needs.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Full support beyond your go-live

Leverage our skilled managed services to serve as an extension of your team and operations after going live, including custom packages to handle your ongoing needs.

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    Tap into Our Expertise, On-Demand

    Our managed services team can fully manage your DNAnexus system, overseeing ongoing platform configurations, changes, and administration.
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    Benefit from Support with Scientific and Bioinformatics Expertise

    Our team of experts provides ongoing support with complex areas like bioinformatics pipeline development, structural variant analysis, and multiomics insights generation.
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    Rely on DNAnexus as an Extension of Your Team

    Our managed services bolsters your internal team with skilled on-demand resources and experience with the ins and outs of precision health data management and analysis.

Solution Acceleration

Solution Acceleration

Purpose-built solutions that deliver results

Choose from a catalog of pre-developed solutions built for DNAnexus that save time and accelerate your ROI. Our Solution Accelerators support insight generation, AI/ML deployment, multi-modal data integration, and more.

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    Generate Rich Multiomics Insights

    Our solution accelerators help you get more value from your data with a full range of analysis, visualization, and interactive exploration solutions to choose from.
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    Integrate Multimodal Data

    We provide pre-built solutions to help you clean, harmonize, ingest, and integrate genotypic and phenotypic data, with support for dataset linking and analysis.
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    Harness AI and Machine Learning

    The DNAnexus platform is AI/ML-ready, providing a secure environment that keeps data safe and private while offering the ability to deploy, develop and share algorithms.
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    Customize Development

    Beyond our packaged solutions, we work with customers by developing custom solutions that tailor the DNAnexus platform to even the most challenging requirements.

Training and Support

Training and Support

Empowering customers with knowledge and peace of mind

Our emphasis on delivering a great customer experience starts with comprehensive platform training and continues with ongoing support.

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    Get the Knowledge You Need

    Our personalized, hands-on training–provided through the DNAnexus Academy–ensures your team has the knowledge and skills to manage and optimize use of our platform.
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    Connect with Customer Success

    A positive and productive customer experience is our goal. We provide a dedicated Customer Success team member to act as your champion and help you get value out of our platform.
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    Access On-Demand Support

    Our Customer Care team provides a range of support options to enable and empower customers to utilize their DNAnexus products to their utmost capability. 

We can help you achieve your goals

DNAnexus Solution Accelerators

The best thing you can do with DNAnexus is give them a problem to solve.

Jeffrey Reid VP, Chief Data Officer, Regeneron Genetics Center

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