How Regeneron Bypasses Bottlenecks to Iterate at the Scale and Speed of Science
White Paper Overview:

Find out how Regeneron and DNAnexus support a growing hybrid industry/academic community, including managing hundreds of collaborators with a full spectrum of use cases, ensuring participant confidentiality through unparalleled international compliance, protecting partner IP through autonomous research and billing environments, and driving the value of genetic data through cost-efficient sharing of genetic data, tools, and results.

In this White Paper:

  • Regeneron evolved its hybrid cloud computing model to support millions of samples per year
  • Expanded collaboration and funding models to include flexible bilateral, multi-party, and consortia to scale the partner network
  • Rapidly deployed custom cloud security environments for time-sensitive collaborations like COVID-19
  • Democratized the data by avoiding preferencing labs with large on-premise infrastructure
  • DNAnexus provided data management and analysis capabilities to accelerate RGC partner’s ability to work with the data generated by the RGC

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