Case Study:
Overcoming Bioinformatics Challenges to Rapidly Scale Genomics Pipelines

Learn how Seattle-based genomics company, TwinStrand Biosciences, is developing methods for detecting ultra-low frequency genetic variants that are not possible to detect by conventional methods.



“It would have been an enormous project to try to recreate all the security layers, all the credentialing, all the certifications by ourselves… Instead, we can now point people to a lot of the existing literature showing that those layers offered by the DNAnexus platforms are industry accepted. The DNAnexus solution just makes sense.”

Jesse Salk
TwinStrand CEO & CSO & Co-founder
  • As it prepared for the launch of its first products in 2020, TwinStrand needed a more streamlined approach to deploy and release its bioinformatics applications to its customers.
  • TwinStrand was seeking an easy-to-use compute infrastructure to host its bioinformatics applications.
  • TwinStrand needed a platform that had compliance by design in addition to features that enabled best-in-class data governance and provenance.
  • In choosing DNAnexus, TwinStrand was able to take advantage of an industry-accepted cloud-based platform to deploy and release its bioinfomatics applications, providing their customers with a streamlined end-to-end experience from sample to insight.