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Our collection of Case Studies highlight our technology in various use cases. Some highlight work with customers such as Twinstrand Biosciences, highlight partners including Amazon Web Services and others are more demonstrative in nature, showcasing how our solutions are addressing a particular challenge. Discover more today.


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Genetic Technologies Partners with DNAnexus

Genetic Technologies (GTG) is a global company focused on preserving and promoting healthy futures.

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How DNAnexus offers better ROI than DIY solutions

DNAnexus, a cloud-based precision health data management and analysis platform, offers several advantages over DIY solutions.

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Standardizing portable, reproducible analysis pipelines: Pharma Experience

Learn how Eli Lilly partnered with DNAnexus and used open-source standards to tackle the changing bioinformatics landscape with on-demand compute and portable, reproducible pipelines to run in any region.
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Ultragenyx: Overcoming Technological Challenges to Fast-Track R&D

Advancing Rare Disease Therapeutics with DNAnexus Titan™
Ultragenyx chose to implement DNAnexus Titan™, a unified NGS analysis platform, to bring data and pipelines together in one secure environment for streamlined multi-omics data analysis.
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Comprehensive Genome Assemblies Made Simple

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De novo genome assembly is a complex task made more challenging by high levels of genetic diversity, repetitive elements, and duplicated genomic regions.
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Rapid Whole-Genome Sequencing Decreases Infant Morbidity and Cost of Hospitalization

rWGS is a unique, high-cost healthcare innovation that appears to improve healthcare outcomes while decreasing cost of care.
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TwinStrand Biosciences: Overcoming Bioinformacs Challenges to Rapidly Scale Genomics Pipelines

Dedicated to Detecting Ultra-Rare Variants with Unparalleled Sensitivity and Specificity
TwinStrand chose DNAnexus to provide the scalable and secure cloud infrastructure it needed to support customers of its DuplexSeq™ kits.
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Partnering to Advance Clinical Genomics

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Learn about our experience with Microsoft Azure in this ebook. The Microsoft Cloud empowers organizations to re-envision the way they bring together people, data, and processes that better engage patients and optimize clinical and operational effectiveness.
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How One Pharma
Company Advanced
Their Drug Discovery &
Development Process

Learn how one company chose to use DNAnexus Apollo for analysis and visualization, which provided a scalable cloud environment.
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Supporting Genomic Analysis for a Global Research Consortium

The goal of the ENCODE Project is to comprehensively catalog candidate functional and regulatory elements of the human genome, and provide a foundation for studying the genomic basis of human biology and disease.

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Analyzing the UK Biobank Dataset with RStudio Workbench


Experts from RStudio, UK Biobank and DNAnexus will walk attendees through using RStudio Workbench to analyze the extensive UK Biobank dataset, available to all UK Biobank researchers free of charge until August 31. This webinar will provide an overview on how to create notebooks, dashboards and incorporate Shiny apps all in the cloud on the Research Analysis Platform.


Aleks Stempor, PhD, Bioinformatician @UK Biobank
Phil Bowsher, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences @RStudio
Anastazie Sedlakova, PhD, Sr. Community Engagement Scientist @DNAnexus Inc

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  • There is no way that the level of data analysis and data delivery that need to happen for drug development research would be possible without cloud computing. DNAnexus has been a huge enabler of the things that we do at the Regeneron Genetics Center.
    Jeffrey Reid, Chief Data Officer
    Regeneron Genetics Center
  • Collaboration is vital to advancing scientific discovery. We are excited to partner with Microsoft and DNAnexus to create infrastructure and tools to share data and accelerate progress toward finding cures for pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
    James R. Downing, President & CEO
    St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital