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Experience the Power of the Precision Health Data Cloud.

Manage, analyze, and collaborate on multimodal data

Unlock the potential of precision health data to drive scientific breakthroughs

DNAnexus is helping hundreds of biomedical organizations accelerate scientific discovery. With DNAnexus, precision health innovators are able to manage, analyze, and collaborate on multimodal data to harness its full potential and unlock insights that improve patient care.

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Unlock the potential of precision health data to drive scientific breakthroughs


DNAnexus® is helping hundreds of biomedical organizations accelerate scientific discovery.
With DNAnexus, precision health innovators are able to manage, analyze, and collaborate on
multimodal data to harness its full potential and unlock insights that improve patient care.



  • Move Faster
  • Generate Insights
  • Increase ROI
  • Secure Your Data
  • Gain a Trusted Partner

Move Faster

Move Faster

Bioinformatics workflows made easy

DNAnexus allows teams to move quickly with a platform optimized for speed, cutting down the time spent deploying a new pipeline by 40%.

  • rapid workflow

    Rapid Workflow Development

    Support for multiple workflow languages (Nextflow, WDL) and the ability to integrate your own tools (Docker) and reuse pipelines instantly.
  • optimized for wet and dry lab

    Optimized for Wet and Dry Lab

    Bioinformatics developers can use our native CLI while non-technical teams can access an intuitive user interface for a streamlined experience.
  • pre-built tools

    Pre-Built Tools

    Access a library of pre-built tools and apps to save time and accelerate analyses. 

Generate Insights

Generate Insights

Derive rich insights from precision health data

Easily integrate multiomics and clinical data to generate new insights. Leverage bioinformatics tools, JupyterLab notebooks, cohort browsing, and visualization applications–all within the DNAnexus platform.

  • Multi-Omics and Multi-Modal Data Management

    Multiomics and Multimodal Data Management

    Access prebuilt apps for ingesting germline, somatic, and RNA secondary analysis data into structured databases for effortless querying, and easily link them to medical data.

  • AI and Machine Learning

    AI and Machine Learning

    Seamlessly deploy AI and machine learning algorithms within a secure environment to run predictive analytics, accelerate insight generation and improve decision-making.
  • Cohort Analysis and Data Visualization

    Cohort Analysis and Data Visualization

    Use our powerful cohort browser and integrated JupyterLab notebooks to enable deep dataset analysis. Easily slice and dice datasets to analyze data you need, when you need it.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

A new era of bioinformatics efficiency

DNAnexus customers can experience a 395% ROI. While DIY environments can take over a year to build, DNAnexus offers immediate time-to-value and lets your team focus on science, not software development.

  • Scale, On-Demand

    Scale, On-Demand

    A flexible cloud platform that scales up or down based on your needs. Use our on-demand computing and storage services or your existing cloud provider.
  • Artboard 15

    Integrate Existing Systems

    Seamlessly connects with your existing technology ecosystem - including sequencers and applications across the R&D lifecycle - to integrate omics into business processes.
  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture

    We provide an enterprise-grade platform out of the box, with easy file and metadata management, spark cluster support, robust APIs, spend and usage visibility, and role-based user management.

Secure Your Data

Secure Your Data

Future-proof compliance and data security

DNAnexus delivers validated compliance out-of-the-box, offering the most holistic data security, quality, and privacy framework. Learn why the FDA, top pharmaceutical companies, global diagnostic test providers, biobanks, and others trust us to support their global genomics programs.

  • Controlled Data Sharing and Distribution

    Controlled Data Sharing and Distribution

    Easily control who can access, receive, or download your data. Administrator controls allow granular privilege levels to be specified on groups of data and application resources. 
  • Future-Proof GxP Compliance

    Future-Proof GxP Compliance

    DNAnexus is built to handle the strict compliance requirements of the life sciences industry. We deliver GxP compliance (GCP, GLP, 21 CFR 11 and 21 CFR 820) and provide regulatory updates over the cloud.
  • Unmatched Security, Quality, and Privacy

    Unmatched Security, Quality, and Privacy

    Compliant with FedRAMP, ISO27001, CLIA, CAP, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800, and more. 

Gain a Trusted Partner

Gain a Trusted Partner

Unmatched scientific and operational expertise

We are not just leaders in bioinformatics technology, but also in science. Our team has an extensive and diverse range of skills to handle the most complex multiomics challenges.

  • Solve Unique Challenges

    Solve Unique Challenges

    DNAnexus has an experienced professional services team that configures the platform to meet your unique needs, delivering novel solutions to complex omics challenges.
  • Accelerate ROI

    Accelerate Time-to-Value

    Our team gets you up and running quickly, saving you months otherwise spent building your own system.
  • Bolster Your Team

    Bolster Your Team

    Access expert knowledge that comes from our team of bioinformaticians, scientists, engineers, and delivery executives. 

Focus on Science, not Software Development.

DNAnexus saves time, effort, and cost versus do-it-yourself solutions.


Accelerating Discovery

Pharmaceutical and Biotech


"DNAnexus provides a lot of optimized services which can really make your life as a scientist much easier. But the real value you're going to get out of working with DNAnexus is if you are looking for an expert partner in genomic computing."

Will Salerno

Executive Director of Genome Informatics & Data Engineering, Regeneron Genetics Center

Clinical Diagnostics


"DNAnexus is a strong partner with expertise in deploying enterprise-scale genomics operations into the cloud that are easy to integrate into a running lab."

Jonathan Sheena

C0-Founder & CTO, Natera

Biobank and Population Programs


"We looked at a number of providers and two things really stood out about DNAnexus. First, was the upfront honesty - DNAnexus were really keen to expand the capabilities of the platform to meet the needs of our researchers. Then, the fact that DNAnexus has been around for a long time means there’s a pedigree and legacy, and it means we can rely on them to do the right thing. Security is also super important to us and the DNAnexus platform has an absolutely fantastic security model underneath."

Mahesh Pancholi

Chief Information Officer, UK Biobank


Real-World Data

"DNAnexus allows us to access and do something meaningful with this wealth of data that we have collected. We can harmonize the data and readily turn around custom workspaces for our clients where they can do the analytics themselves."

Senior Executive, Large Life Sciences Technology Company


Accelerating R&D Within A GMP Environment

Explore how DNAnexus simplifies GMP compliance, making it seamless and efficient for biopharma companies.

Industry Solutions

DNAnexus by the Numbers

  • 45 k+
    Users experiencing the power of DNAnexus
  • 105 +
    Petabytes of precision health data on platform
  • 395 %
    Documented return on investment
  • 40 %
    Average time savings for bioinformaticians

Awards & Recognition

  • frostsullivan

  • fastcompany

  • bioitworld

The best thing you can do with DNAnexus is give them a problem to solve.

Jeffrey Reid Vice President, Chief Data Officer, Regeneron Genetics Center

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