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A Culture of Partnership

At DNAnexus® we prioritize the health and positive growth of our company culture. Great products come from passionate teams that support and embrace collaboration. We are committed to helping our customers and colleagues achieve their "aha!" moments.

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We Believe in...

Cultivating a culture of respect, courage, passion, integrity, trust, and collaboration. By embodying these values, we are truly dedicated to innovation, employee empowerment, and customer satisfaction, while having a lot of fun in the process.

We Embrace Diversity

Our team is globally sourced. We embrace unique perspectives
and believe we all play an integral role in this company.
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We have fun

We work hard and play hard. There’s no question this work family knows how to have a good time.
Here are a few highlights from our recent team outings and celebrations.

"The best part of working for DNAnexus is that we have a major palpable effect on people's lives and that really can't be replaced with anything."

Chris M
Principal Software Engineer

"If you're looking for an environment where you are challenged everyday, and you are surrounded with brilliant people, DNAnexus is a place for you."

Tuan N
VP, xVantage Group

"Accelerating precision medicine is an audacious task, but we’re tackling that goal as a team. When passionate people come together to perform deeply meaningful work, they can move mountains. It’s electrifying."

Kelly Green
Head of People

"What sets DNAnexus apart are both our people and our product. We have an incredibly innovative and diverse set of employees. Our science team is unbelievably strong-- they have seen more in this space than most ever will, and it's really that experience that enables us to support our customers."

Brady Davis
VP Strategy & Marketing

Join our Team

We are actively seeking passionate, motivated people for a range of positions in science, technology, and administration.