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Science-First Products Driving Precision Medicine

Whether you're a small diagnostics lab just beginning to scale or an established pharmaceutical company with a global R&D program, our products are powerful, flexible, and designed to meet your needs at any point in your journey.
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Global Collaboration, Security & Compliance, Transparency & Reproducibility
… At Any Scale.

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis.

DNAnexus Titan™ powers the future of genomics research and clinical pipelines with trusted, high-performance data analysis solutions.
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Multi-Omics Data Science Exploration, Analysis & Discovery.

DNAnexus Apollo™ shatters big data bottlenecks to release the power of genomics and multi-omics in translational research.
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Customized, Private & Collaborative Environments.

DNAnexus Portals™ delivers the DNAnexus platform in a fit-to-purpose, white label, online workspace that enables cross-disciplinary collaboration, scales data and pipeline distribution, and allows unique engagement with your customers.
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Regulatory Quality Services for Clinical, Manufacturing, & Laboratory Practices.

DNAnexus GxP Support ensures that your bioinformatics work is compliant with all applicable best practice standards, and demonstrates to regulators that you’re observing the full range of GxP guidelines – from documentation, to testing environments, to Quality Management Systems, and audit-ability.
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The Complete Solution for Multi-Omics & Scientific Data

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