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Win the race against the clock, and deliver results at record speed.

DNAnexus helps you grow your diagnostic business. Scale to meet volume demand, grow your portfolio of genetic services, and expand your global reach.
Hero Use Case Clinical Diagnostics

New Strategy Guide! Learn how to operate 80% faster and 20% cheaper when developing and delivering NGS-based diagnostic tests.

WHY DNAnexus

Fuel Your Diagnostics Growth

The rapid adoption of genomic testing in medical care presents a significant growth opportunity for clinical diagnostic laboratories, but it also presents scalability, reliability, and compliance challenges for current NGS analysis systems. In a business where turnaround time and consistency mean everything, these challenges could limit your future growth. The massive size of genomic data and complexity of developing highly-efficient production pipelines makes it increasingly difficult to support with do-it-yourself systems.

Reduce Business Risk

Flexibly expand your environment with a high-performance NGS analysis platform that's purpose-built for growth and compliance. Remove bottlenecks in production and development with a unified solution that scales automatically and delivers unparalleled efficiencies. Run your pipelines consistently across local or global locations. Grow your genetic testing portfolio while leaving the heavy lifting of managing industry and region-specific security and compliance requirements to us.
  • Rapidly develop & globally deploy genetic tests
  • Eliminate production delays & minimize turnaround time
  • Confidently expand business locally or globally
  • Assure reproducibility & security without administrative hassle
  • Simplify compliance management


1 Scalability

Limitless Test Volume

Increase your capacity to handle new tests and increased volumes with a high-availability, high-performance system that eliminates delays caused by long processing queues, long compute times, and unreliable platform availability. DNAnexus scales automatically and optimizes turnaround time so you can keep costs per sample low.
2 Global Readiness

Rapid Business Expansion

Confidently expand your business to multiple locations in one country, or around the world. Ensure quality and uniformity across locations while protecting intellectual property. Secure your data and pipelines while working in compliance with data sovereignty requirements in the US, Europe, and other countries.
3 Team Efficiencies

Efficiencies That Power Growth

Create, refine, and validate new pipelines in less time, with less effort. Get easy access to all your development and production tests and data in one place. Work with your favorite open source algorithms or third party tools. Leverage DNAnexus Titan's efficient Smart Reuse to test new pipeline versions without long processing delays.
4 Simplified Compliance

Peace of Mind

Focus on your tests and leave the compliance to us. The DNAnexus Platform is certified compliant with strict security, quality, and regulatory regimes needed for clinical testing. Use version-controlled analysis and tools to ensure reproducibility. Track access and interactions for transparency and accountability. Work in compliance with ISO 27001, HIPAA, CAP/CLIA, GxP, GDPR and more.

5 Administrative Simplicity

Reduced Complexity

Lessen the burden on your administrative team. Take advantage of DNAnexus' platform-as-a-service solution to handle software development, monitoring and operations, and continuous service upgrades. Leverage automatic and streamlined approaches to implement and manage capabilities with significantly less coding and effort.
6 Trusted Partnership

Competitive Edge

Help your teams get smarter, faster with experts who partner with you to help solve your toughest challenges. The xVantage Group can help you seamlessly migrate your local production pipeline to the cloud or develop novel bioinformatics pipelines on DNAnexus Titan, and optimize pipelines for quality, speed, and runtime cost.


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"DNAnexus is a strong partner with expertise in deploying enterprise-scale genomic operations into the cloud that are easy to integrate into a running lab."

Co-Founder & CTO

"I would recommend DNAnexus if someone is developing tests that require large volumes and high horizontal scalability."

Vice President, Engineering

"We selected DNAnexus because of their leading bioinformatics and cloud computing expertise, combined with the best-in-class security and compliance standards."

Medical Director
Intermountain Cancer Genomics

"With DNAnexus, we've deployed a service that capitalizes on lower costs of WGS to make sure that data are available and actionable worldwide, whether in a research, commercial, or clinical setting."

Head of Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics
Garvan Institute


Discover how easy it is to migrate your research and development and clinical operations to the cloud.

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