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Welcome to the repository for all things DNAnexus. Sort through Case Studies, Webinars, White Papers, and Videos by their associated DNAnexus product and key topics for a deeper dive into the power of our platform and expertise.

Clinical & Customer Content Webinars

Discover more about how our customers are using solutions solve challenges and innovate.


Leveraging the Immune Repertoire for Biomarker Discovery in COVID-19 & Other Inflammatory Diseases

Ankita Das, Head of Product at MIODx, discusses methods for analyzing and interpreting TCR data in the context of biomarker discovery for inflammatory diseases.


Building Reference Quality Genomes with the Vertebrate Genomes Project

The VGP aims to create reference quality genome assemblies of all vertebrate species on earth. Presented in this webinar is Phase I of the project.


Beyond 100,000 Exomes: Insights & Lessons from Regeneron’s Large Scale Sequencing in the Cloud

How Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) collaborates with 30 institutions to build one of the world’s most comprehensive genetics databases, pairing sequenced exomes with de-identified records of more than 120,000 people to date


Pediatric Cancer Genomics: Accessing Data, Tools and Visualizations in St. Jude Cloud

Overview of the growing St. Jude Cloud datasharing platform that includes more than 5,000 whole-genome, 5,000 whole-exome and 1,200 RNA-Seq datasets from more than 5,000 pediatric cancer patients and survivors.


Harnessing the Power of the Epigenome in Personalized Medicine

Ben Busby showcases best practices for integrating epigenetic data with phenotypic data at scale to conduct powerful research studies.


FASTQ to Final Report: An Ultra-Fast Workflow for Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

With a single CGP test, we can interrogate hundreds of genes, using less tissue and increasing the probability of detecting actionable findings.

Product Education & Training Webinars

Insightful content from our team to help you become more familiar with our solutions and use cases.


Data Scientist Roundtable: Bioinformatics Workflow Description and Management Systems

Ever wonder which bioinformatics workflow description and management systems you should be using? We assembled a roundtable of experts from bioinformatics workflow frameworks including CWL, WDL, and Nextflow.


Data Scientist Roundtable: Variant Annotation Platforms

Hear from experts from popular variant annotation platforms, OpenCRAVAT and BioProdict, and learn pros and cons of each software platform for certain projects.


Tips & Tricks Webinar Part 1: Using Docker

DNAnexus Principal Scientist John Didion walks through how to use public Docker containers as part of an application and highlights best platform practices.


Tips & Tricks Webinar Part 2: Using WDL to Develop Locally and Scale to the Cloud

DNAnexus Principal Scientist John Didion walks through how to run WDL workflows both locally and on DNAnexus.


Machine Learning in Biomedical Research

Learn about leading technologies and real world examples of how machine learning is used in biomedical research including how to accelerate single cell genomic analysis using NVIDIA RAPIDS, and achieve 100x faster clustering and visualization.

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    Product Director
  • Great Webinar. Thank you for all the useful information.
    Research Scientist

UKB Biobank RAP Webinar Content

Thought provoking, on demand webinars focused on training and education are available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.



UK Biobank Data: About the Data & How to Apply for Access

Learn about the mission of the UK Biobank, the new 300k whole exome sequencing data release and how to become an approved researcher from experts at UK Biobank, Regeneron, and DNAnexus


Accelerating Time to Discovery with Whole Exome Sequencing on the Research Analysis Platform

Experts from Regeneron, NVIDIA, UK Biobank & DNAnexus review the exact analysis pipeline used to quickly generate the 450,000 reference data set.


Dementia Researcher Roundtable: Working with Large-Scale Datasets to Enable Discovery

A panel of research experts discuss the landscape of Dementia research, including the Demon Network hackathon, incorporating large-scale datasets, and the importance of cloud computing and global scientific collaboration networks.


Cardiovascular Researcher Roundtable: Using Large-Scale Datasets for Predicting Disease Probability

Watch the panel of expert cardiovascular disease researchers as they discuss the latest advances in their field of study. They discuss their research experience, recent advances and potential roadblocks



Analyzing the
UK Biobank Dataset
with RStudio Workbench

Learn how to create notebooks, dashboards and incorporate Shiny apps all in the cloud on the Research Analysis Platform.


UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform Overview

An introduction to using the Research Analysis Platform to explore and analyze the uniquely rich UK Biobank dataset


GWAS on the Research Analysis Platform Using Regenie

An introduction to running GWAS using Regenie on the Research Analysis Platform. DNAnexus experts demonstrate how to run the analysis using a diabetes phenotype on the 300k data.


Cloud Computing for HPC Users

Coming from high performance computing? Learn equivalent cloud-based methods for running bioinformatics jobs quickly on the Research Analysis Platform.


Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks on RAP

An introduction to using Jupyter Notebooks on the Research Analysis Platform, to explore and analyze the uniquely rich UK Biobank dataset.


Exploring and Analyzing UK Biobank Data with Jupyter Notebooks

Go in-depth analyzing the uniquely rich UK Biobank dataset with Jupyter notebooks. Learn how to utilize Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Spark to explore and analyze UK Biobank’s trove of phenotypic and health record data, covering 500,000 volunteer...


How to Run Tools Already

Learn how to run apps, applets, and workflows on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform.


How to Create an App/Workflow & Bring your Own Tools

DNAnexus experts give you an introduction to the applet and workflow development process by building a simple project that works on Bulk files on RAP.


Introduction to WDL

DNAnexus experts take you through creating a starter WDL script and explain the basics of WDL syntax and how to use it on UKB RAP. They then compare it with native DNAnexus workflows and provide you tips on how to decide when to use WDL.


Advanced WDL Concepts and Docker

DNAnexus Experts elaborate on the starter example from our introduction to WDL webinar and add more complexity to our WDL script. Then they introduce more syntax and discuss how to use WDL with the Docker environment.


Visualizing and Annotating GWAS Results on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform

This session details visualizing GWAS results using the Research Analysis Platform. The webinar covers interactive exploration of GWAS results using the LocusZoom App and then dives deeper into variant annotation and visualization using both R and...


Starting Cloud Analysis in the UK Biobank

This introductory session covers basic Cloud Computing concepts that will set you up for success on the Research Analysis Platform. Topics discuss include basic cloud computing concepts, selecting instance types, and the basics of running apps on files in your...


Image Analysis on the UK Biobank

Learn about the data formats available to start running your image analysis on the Research Analysis Platform. Ondrej Klempir, Sr. Community Engagement Scientist at DNAnexus, walks you through how to access the data, reviews basic image...


Analyzing with RStudio Trial Version: Using R and RMarkdown

RStudio Workbench Trial Version is now available on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform, allowing users to use RStudio in their analysis. This session covers everything you’ll need to know to start working with the application and use...

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