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Meet the Challenges to Rapidly Scale Genomics Pipelines

Delivering Growth in Next Generation Sequencing - NGS Analysis

Growing businesses realize what worked a year ago might not be the best approach today. The ability to prioritize resources to keep pace is critical.

Life Sciences and healthcare organizations who are adopting powerful NGS genomics data analysis face important challenges. The need to process and manage voluminous & complex omics data, while also ensuring that they have a secure, scalable, and flexible platform that support product growth. Building this infrastructure requires significant financial investment and a lengthy development process.

TwinStrand Biosciences rapidly scaled its genomics infrastructure, saved valuable time and resources, and delivered its product launch goals with the help of the DNAnexus data analysis platform. See how.

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Discover Case Study Highlights

  • The challenges that TwinStrand Biosciences faced with their Next-generation sequencing (NGS) product launch and why they turned to an outside partner for help
  • How TwinStrand’s data science teams were able to decentralize genomic analysis for global customers while enabling instant release of accurate version-controlled bioinformatics applications
  • How a robust, scalable cloud platform enhanced TwinStrand's turnaround time to drive faster scientific discovery
  • DNAnexus provides ironclad security and data governance and provenance features, which complements our high accuracy bioinformatics applications. Security discussions become table stakes with our customers, enabling us to focus discussions on how to best impact and advance science.
    Clint Valentine, TwinStrand Senior Director of Data Sciences

DNAnexus Meets Data and Security Requirements

Our platform is compliant with the strongest security requirements in the industry.

  • SOC2
  • FedRAMP Moderate
  • Good clinical practice (GCP)
  • EU regulatory standards
  • Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

Scaling Multi-omics Analytics Pipelines

Our experts can help you transform biomedical data to accelerate scientific discoveries in bioinformatics and cloud computing


Drives Discovery

Supports Scale

Improves Collaboration

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