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DNAnexus Selected as Platform of the UK’s Largest Health Research Program

Learn how DNAnexus has teamed up with Microsoft and OFH to recruit up to 5 million adult volunteers, which is more than 9% of the adult population in the UK.
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Collaboration on the most advanced system for rare disease diagnosis

The team at Children's Mercy has surpassed 1,000 rare diagnoses which has led to a number of “firsts” in the field of genomics research.
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Harnessing Genomic Data to Accelerate Precision Medicine

Learn how DNAnexus and Microsoft have tackled common challenges to create solutions that help their customers advance precision medicine.
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DNAnexus & Microsoft for AgBio

Comprehensive Genome Assemblies Made Simple

With DNAnexus & Microsoft Azure you have a bioinformatics partner to collaborate on complex assembly, structural variation analysis and physical mapping to achieve complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation.


The Power of Microsoft & DNAnexus

Maximize Profitability

Optimize analysis pipelines for quality, speed, runtime, and cost. The cloud eliminates bottlenecks in processing queues and server capacity.

Mitigate Risk

DNAnexus has a proven track record of building solutions that meet the industry’s most strict compliance regulations.

Reduce Operations Cost

Selecting a purpose-built informatics platform lets you offload maintenance, easily add memory and storage, and eliminate excessive compute times, which keeps cost under control.

Integrate and Automate 

Bringing all your data and pipelines together in one place delivers unparalleled efficiencies. Automating key processes, such as variant analysis, interpretation, and reporting delivers faster and better results.

Geralyn Miller
Geralyn Miller

Senior Director at Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Cloud + Data


"Genomic data is really big data and it is really compute intensive. What’s more, handling of genomic data involves a long list of legal and ethical requirements to maintain data privacy and security. The thing that is different about working with Microsoft & DNAnexus is the tie to research. We have the domain expertise to be able to go off and do experiments and to bring these ideas out of the lab and into the world.

Richard Daly
Richard Daly

Chief Executive Officer of DNAnexus


"We are most successful when our scientists engage with the customer’s scientists to understand their scientific problem, and then work on porting their workflow onto the platform. They run some trials, and then we are off to the races. In the case of St. Jude, our team worked closely with St. Jude and Microsoft to determine the specific requirements and translate that into tailored solutions."

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