The Power of NVIDIA & DNAnexus

Partnering with NVIDIA Parabricks to Accelerate NGS Data Processing

DNAnexus makes it easy to run NVIDIA Parabricks pipelines by providing an out-of-the-box solution.

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Looking for ways to accelerate data processing and genomic analysis?

Reduce operating costs
By using graphics processing units (GPUs), it’s possible to achieve throughput comparable to nearly 40-50 CPU servers with just one GPU server. We’re excited to be working with NVIDIA Parabricks to optimize its Genomics Analysis Toolkit on our DNAnexus Titan or Apollo Platforms.

An out-of-the-box solution
Users simply supply input files and receive results delivered in their DNAnexus project. Launching NVIDA Parabricks apps is a seamless process, removing the hassle of provisioning GPU instances in the cloud manually or installing CUDA or NVIDIA Parabricks apps themselves.


Working with NVIDIA and DNAnexus 

  • Scaled to more than 56,000 simultaneous compute cores, multiple petabytes of storage, and tens of millions of core-hours of analysis

  • Eliminated the need for on-premises computational and storage infrastructure

  • Allowed customers to pursue clinically compliant projects

"DNAnexus is a great partner. What they bring is the scalability to our analysis so you can do things faster and scale the millions of samples on that platform. It's an incredible opportunity for human genomics research."
Dr. Eric Dawson
Bioinformatics Scientist / NVIDIA

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