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Welcome to the repository for all things DNAnexus. Sort through Case Studies, Webinars, White Papers, and Videos by their associated DNAnexus product and key topics for a deeper dive into the power our platform and expertise.

White Paper

Precision Medicine:
Utilizing Cloud-Based Genome Informatics
to Inform NGS Diagnosis & Treatment

The underlying infrastructure that DNAnexus provides, allows us to focus on our core competencies of R&D and patient care.

White Paper

Navigating the Odyssey of Big Genomics in Biopharma R&D

While modern-day drug discovery lacks the drama of Greek mythology, we are still faced with the odyssey of how to deliver on the promise of genomics-based precision medicine.

White Paper

Security & Compliance
The Complete PAAS Solution for Multi-Omics & Scientific Data

Learn why the FDA, top pharmaceutical companies, global diagnostic test providers, genome centers and sequencing service providers have trusted DNAnexus to support their global genomics programs.

White Paper

Harnessing Genomic Data to Accelerate Precision Medicine

The promise of precision medicine and better patient outcomes is here, through the utilization and application of genomic data in biomarker discovery and clinical research.

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Security, Privacy & Quality for Your Genomic Analysis

DNAnexus Platform enables researchers and clinicians to focus on their genomic analyses while complying with regulations, laws and industry expectations for security and privacy.

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Build or Buy?
6Questions to Consider When Evaluating Clinical Diagnostics Informatics Solutions

NGS data analysis management systems are the backbone of your dry lab, providing vital functionality for day-to-day workings of your business delivery.

White Paper

10Tips to
Your Diagnostics Business &
Grow Your Test Portfolio Globally

You’ve jumped ahead of the curve, leveraging next-generation sequencing (NGS) to advance precision medicine for better patient care, and you are now experiencing an explosion of demand.

White Paper

Multi-Omics in the Cloud
How DNAnexus & AWS Accelerate Scientific Discoveries
Featured Partner:

Today’s genomics landscape is rapidly evolving with the accelerated adoption of multi-omics by biopharma organizations, clinical diagnostics companies, and healthcare systems.

Additional Experiences


Analyzing the UK Biobank Dataset with RStudio Workbench


Experts from RStudio, UK Biobank and DNAnexus will walk attendees through using RStudio Workbench to analyze the extensive UK Biobank dataset, available to all UK Biobank researchers free of charge until August 31. This webinar will provide an overview on how to create notebooks, dashboards and incorporate Shiny apps all in the cloud on the Research Analysis Platform.


Aleks Stempor, PhD, Bioinformatician @UK Biobank
Phil Bowsher, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences @RStudio
Anastazie Sedlakova, PhD, Sr. Community Engagement Scientist @DNAnexus Inc

  • There is no way that the level of data analysis and data delivery that need to happen for drug development research would be possible without cloud computing. DNAnexus has been a huge enabler of the things that we do at the Regeneron Genetics Center.
    Jeffrey Reid, Chief Data Officer
    Regeneron Genetics Center
  • Collaboration is vital to advancing scientific discovery. We are excited to partner with Microsoft and DNAnexus to create infrastructure and tools to share data and accelerate progress toward finding cures for pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
    James R. Downing, President & CEO
    St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital

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